Hi. My name is Becca and my partner's name is Jason. We live in Los Angeles and we were crazy enough to commit to planning an affordable 150-person wedding in one of the most expensive cities in the country. But we fiercely love this city and we want to share its underground treasures with our friends and families. We want to support local businesses. We want to get married here in a way that reflects our progressive religious, environmental and social values. And we want to do this all while paying for the entire shindig ourselves.

This blog is a place to reflect on the wedding planning journey, a place where wedding venting is understood outside the bridezilla context, a place to call bullsh*t about wedding "must haves", and my collection of I-wish-I'd-had-this-before-I-started-planning ideas (with a slight emphasis on LA couples' needs and general sustainability questions). It's not an indie wedding site or or a budget wedding site or a feminist wedding site or whatever other terms people use to define the various wedding communities and their intersections, and yet it's all of those things too. But it's also place to celebrate shoes, succulents, out-of-the-box wedding ideas, lower-key wedding alternatives, and the lives that frame our weddings and make them worthwhile in the first place.