Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hump Day Break

Fuzz bucket
Fuzz face
Meow face
Snuggle slut
Purr monster
Cat butt
Fur baby
Fur monster
Seat thief
Doctor Von Plopenstein

Any cat owner who tells you they don't have a list of embarrassingly silly behind-closed-doors names for their cat is lying. Even the men. And we occasionally (okay, often) say them in snookums-wookums baby voices. Unless the cat has knocked something over... again. In which case, the names we call the cat aren't exactly appropriate to share in polite company.


  1. I'm pretty sure I've been hypnotized by that second picture. I started looking at it and all of a sudden I snapped to and it was eight hours later and I was craving milk and tuna.

    Watch out for that one...

  2. I love snuggly pictures of kitties. This made my afternoon.

  3. This is quite possibly the most awesome blog post I've read all day. That last photo is the best thing ever. Kitty love!

  4. I do this for my dog too. Doodlebunny, Doobug, Stinkface, Stinky Poops, Poo Poo Baby......

  5. I swear, our black kitties are twins, down to the little tuft of white fur on the chest! The only difference is mine is old and crotchtity and yours looks young and sweet (tho I know cat-looks can be deceiving). And I call mine Baby-Head for some reason.

  6. Third picture = PRICELESS.

    ALL OF THESE HEARTS for you:


  7. So cute. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my little Bug the other day. Him: "I'm going to get a kitty." Me (thinking his dad had offered yet another pet that will never materialize): "You are? But daddy is allergic.". Bug: "When I'm big, I'm going to get a kitty. I'm going to live in my own house.". Lucky for me, I'm not allergic to cats.

  8. im not a cat lover but that picture looks awesome!

  9. Missing the blog too. Stay well.

  10. And to this post I say... "How can you NOT be a cat person??"


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