Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Steps: Day One

Today was the first step in my accessory-styling adventures. And here are my first impressions of the experiment:
  • Even just making the effort to coordinate fun pieces made me more conscious of my presence. I feel GOOD today. Even if I skipped my morning workout (shhh. And that wasn't part of my stated goal this week anyhow.)
  • Clearly, all you blog people who take great "look at my daily outfit" photos were not squeezing in between my overflowing dresser and single full length mirror, where the morning light isn't so great. You probably also used a real camera and not your iphone. Whatever. I don't need artistic renderings of my clothing mashups (mishmashes?). I need to document my process. 
  • I hate that my clothes don't fit. HATE it. Some are too big, some are too small, and nothing looks great. I'm trying to remind myself that THIS is why I'm focusing on the accessories. I need a DISTRACTION from the larger issue of my wardrobe and a way to still feel put together until some undetermined point when we have enough money for a mini-shopping spree for new essentials. 
  • However, I think I did a good job of pulling together professional-fun-casual look for non-client days (keep in mind this is California. Life is more casual here): Brown work slacks with a tucked in light blue shirt under a khaki casual short blazer. I added fun pointy-toed brown kitten heels embellished with gold zig zags, a bold blue statement piece necklace (whose statement-ness is mitigated by the blazer), and a thin woven mustard belt.
  • I make bad styling decisions in the early morning. I am decidedly NOT a morning person and, by 8am, the coffee hasn't quite kicked in. I've decided to blame my bleary-eyes on my unfortunate belt decision. It seemed like a good idea at the time, mostly because the belt I really wanted to wear didn't fit and I thought I needed a belt. I would have been better off without. Because it's so thin, it cuts my body in half in an unbalanced way. A thicker belt might have been fine. Also, while the color works, the woven style is too casual. I knew this, but I just didn't want to believe it because I wanted a belt. Harumph. I'm not sure how to mitigate the sleepy-styling issues. Don't recommend picking an outfit the night before. It's just not going to happen. Sorry. 
    Overall assessment: I'm off to a decent start. I'm happy with making coordination a priority and with the outcome of my look. I can't change the fact that my slacks and blazer are a bit too big, so I have to put up with the ill-fitting-ness for a while. (That's something they don't mention in style blogs, do they? That some of us don't have the luxury of well-fitting clothes right now? Hmm?) But, aside from the belt, I really like the concept. So yay.

    (I promise I won't post style photos every day for a month. I just got excited about my new project. Whee!)


    1. Umm...I LOVE that necklace! I think if you're going to wear such good jewelry and inspire envy, you've got to tell us where it came from! :)

    2. DAYUM, GIRL!

      In other news, if you want necklaces, I have some awesome ones that I love but can't wear (they make me feel choky). E-mail me if you want me to send pics. You just pay shipping!

    3. @Barba - Thanks! It's an Amrita Singh necklace, purchased at a steep discount on RueLaLa. Boy oh boy do I love her style, particularly with necklaces. Her clearance stuff is sometimes reasonable too:

      @Jennie - that is so flipping sweet! I might be emailing you soon...

    4. Great idea, and great outfit!

    5. Love the necklace! Super cute.

      I think the issue with the belt is -- the blazer already creates a defined waist, so you don't need another one six inches lower. Next time, try that blazer with an UNTUCKED blouse, that way you don't feel forced into putting something through the belt loops. :)

    6. 1. That is seriously my favorite necklace ever.

      2. You look great. I think that Lisa is right about why the belt might not work (two waists instead of one).

      3. If you feel like you don't make good fashion decisions in the morning, lay out your outfits + accessories the night before! I always dress better when I do that.

    7. @Lisa - SUCH a helpful comment. I'd never thought about the double-defined waist aspect. Thank you!

    8. You have a fabulous figure!

      And I want to wear that necklace. To bed. With nothing else. It's that awesome.

    9. You gals are the best self-esteem cheerleaders a girl could ask for. Except for the cheering that would happen if I took Kerry's suggestion...

    10. I think that necklace is so perfectly divine that nobody could have noticed the belt.

      It's fun to not be thinking about a wedding isn't it?!

    11. What Lisa said.

      And I believe you're long waisted, yes? I am too. It makes tall-girl dressing that much harder because stuff doesn't fit.

      I do love what you pulled together!

    12. For the past 3 years, I needed to be up and out of the house for my insane commute way earlier than my husband. So as not to disrupt his sleep, I always laid out my clothes the night before. This had the added benefit that I always had the proper underwear, shoes and yup, ACCESSORIES, picked out and I wasn't beset by bleary-eyed styling decisions. A downside was that I always felt like my next day was getting started the night before, which basically gave me the Sunday-night terrors every night.

    13. On bleary-eyed styling, would asking your husband what he thinks before you head out help (if he is there and awake)? Sometimes just the act of asking and watching a reaction helps me figure out that/what something is bugging me about my outfit even if my husband thinks it's fine or has a different opinion than me.

    14. I remember when you bought that necklace. I'm so excited to see you wearing it!


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