Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Flashdance Dance Party

I thought we'd be fine with an ipod wedding. After all, Jason is the go-to guy in our circle for party playlists and mixes. But once we heard the Flashdance at a wedding industry party, Jason couldn't picture our wedding without The Flashdance. Because music was Jason's personal top priority for our wedding, and because even I recognized that The Flashdance was something special, I finally gave up my ipod hopes and found ways to reallocate our budget. Now, after experiencing the amazing energy, excitement, and dancefloor frenzy at our wedding, I would have happily paid twice as much to have the Flashdance as our wedding DJ. That's not an exaggeration. The Flashdance was worth every penny and budget challenge. It was a wedding splurge that mattered.

Michael Antonia is more than a wedding DJ: he's a club-worthy DJ who happens to play weddings. He's a DJ who has fun with supersmart musical transitions and juxtapositions. He's a DJ who knows how to get your grandmother, your boss, and your hipster music geek friends onto the dancefloor.  He's a DJ who had our artist friends and my father (who, bless his heart, is hardly a music or danceparty man) noticing and exclaiming about the amazing DJ. He's a DJ who will have a sweaty, barefoot, pumping dance party until the lights go on and the venue finally forces everyone to leave.  

I could try and explain precisely what makes Michael so great, but it would be a general "that was flipping amazing" recap because I'm not a music writer. Fortunately, my husband is. Jason spends much of his personal and professional life thinking, talking, and writing about music, so he spent a bit of time thinking and writing about our wedding music experience for today's post. In Jason's words, here's a brief flash of insight about what sets The Flashdance apart from other wedding DJs and how he made our wedding dance party so incredible:

"From the first moment I heard The Flashdance drop the needle at a party, I knew he was a super-talented DJ.  But his performance at our reception was even better than I'd hoped.  Several times over the course of the night, my friends tracked me down on the dance floor and gushed, "DUDE, this DJ is AMAZING!" which I suspect doesn't happen at most weddings.  So what makes The Flashdance special?  A lot of wedding DJs are content to just line up a bunch of songs and make smooth transitions between them.  Don't get me wrong -- there's nothing wrong with that, and it can certainly provide ample accompaniment to a great party.  But Michael takes it to another level.  He creates live mash-ups of a beat from one song and a vocal from another.  He adds tasty record-scratches and samples in the middle of songs, adding some freshness and originality to old favorites.  His song selections always kept the crowd enthused and energized.

The Flashdance is a DJ you can trust.  After hearing him spin at a party and listening to his monthly mixes, I knew he had impeccable taste (as a huge music geek myself, I can recognize when someone really knows what they're doing).  So instead of delivering him a list of "must-play" songs, I just gave him some general guidelines (soul, funk, 80s pop hits, classic rock drunken sing-alongs) and let him do his thing.  He did not disappoint.  Furthermore, he was not in any way "corny" -- he didn't hog the mic, make lame jokes, or use that annoying radio-announcer voice.  He was kind to us and attentive to our needs.  Most importantly, I could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing.  He was genuinely having fun mixing and scratching and spinning records.  He loves his work, and it shows.  I would hire him again in a heartbeat."

I wish words could adequately describe our dance party (though Jason's words definitely help).  I wish Michael's mixes (which you need to download NOW) could impart the in-person energy and smarts behind his musical choices and how he reads a crowd and builds a party. I wish pictures could accurately capture the revelry.  But they can't.  Nothing can quite get across how amazing Michael Antonia is as a DJ or how he transformed our wedding into the wild dance party we'd always hoped for. But maybe these pictures are a start. 

All images by Kelly Prizel Photography
All dancing inspired by Michael Antonia of The Flashdance


  1. Wow! I plan to listen because I might learn something about DJing and what to look for!

    Incredible photos. Incredible. It's what everyone hopes for and yours are a step beyond.

  2. omg you know i've still got my fingers crossed that you'll let me feature your wedding, right? :)

    i LOVE this entry!

  3. Very excellent written about dance party! I consider that DJ song selections always kept the crowd enthused and energized. Thanks a lot :)

  4. He sounds amazing. Had fun recognising Britt and Mike in there!

  5. Michael played our wedding last summer, which was also a huge chunk of our budget, and there were no regrets. The man made garth brooks work! I danced the entire time, which meant I waddled and hunched about for the first two days of the honeymoon. Worth it.

  6. That dance party is my dream. Amazing!


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