Monday, May 23, 2011


Prior to the Jewish wedding ceremony, the couple join with their Rabbi and families to sign the marriage license and ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract. The ketubah was actually a revolutionary concept for its time, protecting the bride's rights and obligating the husband to look out for her welfare. Our modern ketubah reflects the equality of bride and groom by outlining our mutual obligations to each other, mixing ancient traditions and words with modern promises and sensibilities. 

We came together with a small group of family members, our wedding party, and our witnesses for the ketubah ceremony. We set aside the moment with song, filling the room with our voices and creating a sacred space to enter into the legal and ceremonial rites of marriage.

All photos by Kelly Prizel Photography
Ketubah design from Naomi Broudo, Fresh Ketubah Design


  1. That is a beautiful contract. I love the story behind them.

  2. I admire so many of the Jewish traditions, and this one is at the top of my list. Beautiful, Becca. Mazel tov!

  3. It's gorgeous. We're not Jewish, but ended up paying homage to the beauty of that tradition by investing in a beautiful marriage contract to hang in our bedroom. I love the idea of reaffirming--every day--what it is we're trying to build.

  4. Hi Becca,
    Mazel tov! Naomi here (Fresh ketubah design). What a wonderful honest blog. I loved reading about your experience leading up to the big day. I feel very honoured that you chose my ketubah design for your wedding! Much happiness to both of you :)


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