Monday, April 25, 2011

What I Learned, or a Snippet Thereof

I learned a lot from planning this wedding. I learned that I'm stronger and more organized than I often allow myself to be. I learned new ways in which Jason and I are an amazing couple and areas we'll continue to work on for the long term. And yes, I learned a lot about weddings. Things I thought I knew, but which now are bone-deep knowledge. Things I had to really learn from experience. Answers that were just more clearly illuminated via this process.  

As I wait for all of our photos, instead of recaps, I've decided I'm going to write about these snippets of knowledge gained, and perhaps just share a few fun moments that happened along the way. This is my truth. Perhaps it won't be yours, or perhaps it will feel a bit familiar to you as well. But regardless, after this journey, these stories are the ones I have to share about our wedding.  

Photo by the immensely talented Kelly Prizel


  1. can't wait for this...that photo is stunning.

  2. I send Lizzie. I can't wait for your wisdom. Yes, experience yields wisdom. And I am flat out convinced you are full of it, especially being on the other side. And yes, the photo is stunning. I have a feeling that all your photos are going to make my jaw drop.

  3. I'm 12 days away from mine and this is just what I needed. Can't wait to hear all about everything! And might I add, I hope and hope you continue to write your blog ;)


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