Friday, April 22, 2011


One week ago, we were in Flores, Guatemala. The oppressive humid heat was finally tempering off, and the golden sunset over the lake allowing us to forgive the island's loss of electricity (and therefore cold drinks) during the terrible midday temperatures. We were about to head out for seafood, mango smoothies, and card games on a rooftop terraza as we planned for our trip to Tikal the next day.

The transition home - to everyday life - has been a bit rough, and yet entirely seamless. Rough, because I wasn't quite ready to walk back into late nights at the office. And seamless, because life with Jason has always been comfortable and easy. We're home, easing back into a life we lovingly built together  over the last several years. We're starting to fill our calendar with promises we made on the honeymoon instead of wedding to-dos (except for the thank you cards. Those are actually a pretty giant to-do) and it feels right. We're happy to be home. We're happy to have had our adventures and thinking time throughout Guatemala. We're excited to begin living our promises to each other as we ease back into everyday, but now married, life.

The wedding recaps will come, I promise. But stumbling over the wedding words is harder than I thought. And I'm still waiting for the full set of photos from Kelly, which I think will help illustrate exactly what I'm trying to say. In the meantime, have a great weekend.


  1. I just received my wedding photos and it made me just want to relive the whole day all over again. I'm definitely having wedding day withdrawals. Not planning withdrawals, just the feeling of happiness and love. Being back to the real world of work/life seems so mundane now after such an amazing day (plus the honeymoon). It's been an tough week, but at least we have awesome husbands to go home to (and no more DIY, phone calls, vendors, etc).

  2. Jessica! Aw! I was wondering how my almost-wedding-twin's wedding went! So happy that the glow is just as strong for you, even if real life rears its mundane head. But you're right, now we get to go home to amazing husbands and the complete lack for DIY and logistics coordination. Yay.

  3. Take your time gathering the words. I can only imagine how big the whole event must have been and how even though you had time during your honeymoon to think about it, it must be hard to transition back to daily life and put those thoughts into words.

  4. YAY! Welcome home! Can't wait to hear more after you have time to rest, absorb, and process it some. And I wish you stamina for the thank you cards! (Those were so hard for us to finish because there were just so many to write. Thankfully we finished. Eventually.)


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