Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Zen: Dance It Out

Life is certifiably crazy right now, which means stealing moments of stress relief where we can. Like by playing Mario Kart at 11:30pm, because that's the first free moment you have. Or by calling your best girlfriend to vent on the drive home. Or by cooking on Sunday night with a big glass of wine while you blast the stereo.

In case you're one of the people who favors the cooking-dancing-sipping method of relaxation (I am), do yourself a favor and go buy the Flashdance's new mix CD. NOW (you can listen to a sample here too.)  His last mix CD is on permanent rotation at our house and, every time I listen to it, I remember our wedding is going to ROCK SO D*MN HARD with the Michael the Human Jukebox (the Flashdance) at the musical helm. It's like stress-zen and wedding-zen all at once, all for a measly $5 (the CD, not the DJ package, obviously.) So I just went and bought his new mix CD, because I could use a little bit of rocking-out zen in my life right now and the reminder that all this wedding work is building us an incredible wedding.

Photo from The Flashdance

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