Monday, February 28, 2011

Chuppah Sneak Peek

As much as I've complained about the tyranny of DIY-pressure in weddingland, the truth is we chose a few key projects that both mattered and felt doable for us. We kept away from the paper goods and signs and bunting and anything related to sewing. But we found a few projects that felt important, felt possible given our basic-level crafting skills, and seemed worth an investment of our limited time. Our chuppah is one of those projects, and we finally made progress this weekend, after a long process of planning, re-imagining, compromising, accepting our limitations, compromising again, designing. Although I don't want to reveal the full chuppah until after the wedding, I wanted to provide a pre-wedding glimpse. 

  • White linen tablecloth (54" x 54") that has been washed and ironed
  • High quality fabric paint
  • brushes, including a detail brush for hard lines. 
  • Photoshop to develop the design
  • Patience in creation of said design
  • A time out to both cool off during creation of said design
  • Staples run to print design on a 30" x 30" piece of paper for tracing
  • Pencil for tracing design onto cloth
  • Cardboard to paint on, so paint doesn't leak through
  • Spare room to keep curious cats at bay


  1. That looks awesome! And I love that you listed "spare room" as a necessary item, because I feel you. Cats and crafts don't mix.

  2. I LOVE that you are making your own chuppah! I love that design and colors. I agree that it is totally worth the time. Can't wait to see it when it is finished! My soon to be mother-in-law is a great sewer so we are very lucky that she is able to quilt our chuppah, and I am lucky because my partner and I are both involved in the making so we are learning to sew!

  3. I am so eager to see how your chuppah turns out. I know how important it has been to you, and how difficult it has been to move beyond the planning/dreaming/designing stage. The entwined trees design you chose looks fabulous!

  4. So awesome! I can't wait to see the final result! :)

  5. It's gorgeous, I can't wait to see it in action!

  6. it looks so beautiful! i know you've had a journey with the chuppah for sure, but it's looking like it's gonna shape up to be pret-tie damn awesome, lady.

  7. That's amazing. Utterly amazing.

  8. I love it. I know how important this is to you and I'm so excited to see how it turns out. We all have one or two projects that are super meaningful to us that are worth the time, patience, and investment.

  9. the chuppah looks beautiful! i can't wait to see it finished, and it's so much more meaningful that you're doing it yourself.

  10. this looks incredible! what beautiful work! I cannot wait to see the final piece


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