Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Carols

I've been feeling pretty Grinch-like this holiday season, for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was that I had to miss my family's annual Christmas Caroling party. Even though I generally refuse to sing, I really enjoy the whole spirit of the day, and I'm always a sucker for family rituals and traditions. I'm also a sucker for well-done a capella. That's alright, take a moment to giggle. I understand why earnest pop-song vocals set to choreography and performed in matching outfits can make the more jaded roll their eyes. I can be as snarky as the next girl with my arty elitism but it doesn't matter: when a capella is done right, it gives me chills. Listening to a perfectly blended cascade of sound is mindblowing, especially when it suddenly hits you that there are no instruments or autotune*.

This version of "All I Want For Christmas" from Nota (the group that won The Sing Off last season - yes, I watched) is an incredible example of how a capella can be complex and gorgeous. It even managed to elicit a smile or two, despite the Bah Humbug stormcloud I've been grumping under this week. So I thought I'd put aside all my holiday stress and snark to share a cheesy but beautifully done Christmas song.

Happy holidays.

*Do you hear me Glee?  You have talent like this, so just let them shine already.


  1. Thanks for putting a Christmas smile on my face! Cheesy but beautifully done indeed.

    And I echo your plea to Glee. Lay off the Autotune already! It makes the music sound like someone spread grape jelly on the speakers.

  2. For the love of all that is music, I wish Glee would lay off the Autotune! (a) It's a high school glee club -- a capella is what they do (b) it sounds terrible and is what you use to cover up the fact that the singer can't hit the notes.

    This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Check out the men's a capella group called "STRAIGHT UP - NO CHASER".

    They started singing together in college to meet girls. They've done a concert for PBS and have a couple of CD's.

    Fantastic. I keep telling myself I'm going to give their CD's as gifts. They're that good.


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