Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Affordable Hippie-Inspired Wedding Dresses

I've been known to appreciate breezy hippie styles and accessories. And I've been known to covet an item or two from the Free People store. Despite this, I've never been known to buy any of their items, because they are generally insanely expensive for a little hint of knit and fabric. However, if you're in the market for a hippie-inspired wedding dress or a short rehearsal/elopement/party/wedding dress, I would actually recommend checking out Free People. Because apparently, in the land of laugh-till-you-cry wedding dress prices, Free People's sub-$300 options suddenly seem eminently reasonable. Context is truly everything. And some of these dresses warm my latent hippie-girl heart.

So clearly these dresses are at the more informal end of the wedding dress gamut, but still. I'm dreaming about throwing that first one with the uneven hem into a suitcase and getting married on a Mexican beach tomorrow. Or rocking those ruffles at a shower. These are easy dress options: easy to care for, easy on the (hippie-inspired) eyes, and easy on the wallet. And in the land of wedding planning, easy is never a bad thing.


  1. Oooh...the second one is amazing. Too bad I have no reason to buy it and nowhere to wear it. (And I love the boots with it. Ah.) Maybe someone else can get one of these and send you a picture so we can all appreciate! :)

  2. These~esp the first, uneven hemmed one~warm my flower-child heart!

  3. The dresses are truly darling but I'd love to see them on women who weren't models.

    It would be nice to see these on women who have breasts and or hips. It would be great if the "Urban Outfitters/Free People/Anthropologie/Leifsdottir" company to get rid of the notion that we're all Wasp-i-fied.

  4. That maxi-patchwork number is screaming my name. SCREAMING.

    And I ADORE Free People. They actually make their pants long enough for a leggy broad like myself. Sadly, the price tag keeps me longing instead of buying....

  5. Love the lace patchwork and ruffles fan dresses!! Great finds!

  6. i was gasped outloud when i saw these. all of them are completely gorgeous but i am smitten with #1


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