Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Has anyone else just stopped caring about their wedding? Like, stick your hands in your ears, sing LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU WEDDING right around when you really need to kick your bum into gear?

Last weekend, I finally kicked my bum into gear and went back to our local thift shop. A few weeks ago, I found 10 cute little silver plated containers that were perfect for our succulent centerpiece ideas. Of course, by the time I'd checked on the design idea with Jason and returned to the store, someone else had bought them. Instead of taking this as a sign that I shouldn't procrastinate so much, I took this as a sign that the universe agrees that wedding planning is for the birds. 

Of course, the universe is also sending "get off your lazy bum and DO this already" reminders, but those reminders make me feel guilty, slightly nauseous, and stubbornly contrary enough to ignore them all. We just received a save the date for a wedding that's two weeks before ours. I got a "what's your address?" request from someone who's getting married six week after us, probably because she's on the ball and getting ready to mail save the dates. I refused to reply to her email for two days and buried myself in a fluffy novel instead. I am doing anything and everything except gathering emails, designing our save the date, and getting basic information up on our website. 

So forgive me if posting is light for the next week or so, because posting here reminds me of all the wedding sh*t I shouldn't be procrastinating about. Oh the plus side, I did just email this hotel to ask about honeymoon availability. That counts for something, right? Right?


  1. YES! I totally didn't check my wedding email for about two-three weeks... i actively avoided checking this email. Don't ask me why.
    When I finally did, t-minus three weeks before the wedding (we're today at 10 days pre-wedding weekend!!!), I had a few emails that were ESSENTIAL that I had missed.
    Guests asking if they could stay over night, actual wedding venue requesting further details....


    so. I sucked it up and now I check that email every day, even though I always hope there is nothing new. Because missing that info was worse than the anxiety with checking the email.

    also, by ignoring all this wedding stuff, my anxiety actually decided to manifest itself into full blown hives... that lasted TWO WEEKS all over my body. They only went away when I came up with a master plan of attack.

    you can do this. :)

  2. Ugh lady I completely understand this feeling. During a long engagement you wait all these months were you quite literally can't do anything yet because it's too far out, and then as soon as you're at the point where you CAN do something you also MUST do it, and that's a lot of pressure which makes you need to take a nap. It's like 3 weeks before winter finals all over again...

  3. I'm right there with you homegirl. The Beagle has arrived, and I know I should kick it into gear to figure out how we are going to pull off this wedding. Instead I find myself filling the down time by catching up on our tv shows and snuggling.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I casually walked in to the place I ordered my dress from to see when it might arrive only to have them tell me it was there already and did I want to try it on? I was totally not in the head space to do that. I didn't have my shoes or the all important undergarments yet. I managed to do a test run on my favors, but still haven't gone to buy the rest to actually start making them. I decided no Save the Dates so I don't have to worry about them, but I haven't even sent out an e-mail with the Wedding Site address. Let's see also left to do is try to design the invites, figure out the flowers and of course meet with the venue manager to figure out what we need to rent. 6 months seems like still a long way out, but then I wonder if with the holidays it will be January sooner than we know it and we'll be 3 months out. :(

  5. I feel the same way, and our wedding is four days away. Hang in there!

  6. Totally normal. Hang in there, sweetie!

  7. You know what that means? You're in the right headspace! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!

    Now you can proceed to make all decisions on gut-check. And you know what? If it seems like too much trouble, it probably IS. Save the date emails? Phone calls? If I were doing it again, that's what I'd be doing. Save the dates were WAY more trouble than they were worth (though invites were worth it). Besides. You're getting married in the SPRING. People plan their weddings in less time than you have. Permission to go nap granted :)

  8. I agree 100% with Meg. And B, seriously, now is the time to ask for help. I am here, at your service. Just say the word...

  9. girl, go with it. guilt-free.

    this wedding-free time is much-needed and will help you gear up and focus when you feel ready to get on the ball.

    and you have LOADS of time (i did mention i got married in 6mos, yes?)

  10. For me, down times are important steps in the process. When I start to feel burned out, I take a break. When inspiration hits again, I can usually make some real progress, which would not have been possible if I had just tried to push forward in my miserable state.

  11. oh man.. i know how this goes. my girlfriend is getting married this saturday and we were planning at the same time. we traded email and tips, etc. but she was always more organized, more on top of her list and more everything than me. i felt slow and stupid and blah blah blah. i realized i needed to stop comparing myself to her and realize we were planning two completely different ways in two totally different ways. while she had her binders and event planner cousin keeping her on task, i had lists scotch taped to our living room wall staring at me in the face waiting for me to scratch things off or procrastinate a little more.

    and no worries.. take your time and plan your wedding and relax and make time fo ryou and jason and just enjoy this time.

  12. emails totally count! enjoy your break! relax and lounge about and be lazy!

  13. Definitely get your rest in, lady. Things'll come together.

  14. I totally went through various bouts of this, and um, it all worked out and we ended up married! In fact I'm pretty sure that's how these things work! Let me know if you do want any help with anything once you do motivate (it'll happen when you're ready) and until then enjoy your procrastination! :)

  15. ohhhhh yes. But moreso, I didn't care one lick about bridal/wedding blogs anymore. Mentally, I was moving on or something.

    I certainly wasn't someone who was wedding focused on those days leading up to our nuptials (perhaps if I was a couple more projects would have gotten done!)

    Enjoy the ride my dear.

  16. why am i reminded of the stages of grief?

    it feels like that a lot, doesn't it? bouncing between anger (eff this wedding!), denial (what wedding?), depression (this wedding sucks balls), bargaining (please please please let this wedding go off without a hitch), and acceptance (we made this wedding, we better enjoy it).

    i'd like to personally nominate "chocolate" as the 6th stage. in fact, i'd better go study up on that right now...

  17. I was totally stressed with my wedding and we planned it in only three weeks! I can't imagine having a prolonged engagement...and having to worry about the wedding the whole time!

  18. Just saw these and thought of this thrift-store-missed-opportunity post. You have already probably seen this kind of thing before, but I thought it might serve as good inspiration with your budget fiesta succulent decorations (plus a nod to your original tin can centerpiece ideas). easy to paint (or not), punch holes for lighting, and plant others up with succulents.


    Ps: you sound very organised to me, so yes, eff to the guilt and stress!


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