Friday, October 29, 2010

I F*cking Rule

It's Friday! And it's been waaaay too long since I checked in with you to celebrate how all of us have f*cking ruled in recent days. And really, we could all use more celebrations, so how about we have at it?

Non-wedding related celebration: Yesterday, I gave my first on-camera interview. And yesterday, in preparation for this interview, I took my insecurities and locked them away for about two hours so I could tackle the challenge at hand: namely, nailing that interview.

For some context, as much as I dislike photographs of myself, I despise videos of myself about 1000 times more than photographs. In fact, there is no way to adequately describe the way I want to cringe, run into a dark cave, and cry when I hear my recorded voice, see my facial expressions, and recognize that the camera adds ten pounds (really, the video cameras add ten pounds.) But I held myself together. And I forgave myself for having genuinely gained ten pounds in the last few months (really, I've gained ten pounds and I no longer fit into my wedding dress.) But instead of torturing myself with visions of how the camera is adding twenty pounds to what I looked like a few months ago, I dressed in a flattering-for-the-camera, appropriate-for-my-industry, conservative brown pant suit, I carefully applied impeccable makeup, and I blow-dried my hair into professional perfection.

Unfortunately, as women, our professional credentials are judged based on our looks. This struck me even more clearly than usual when I arrived for the interview and met the other person being filmed for the segment. This gentleman was definitely more than ten or twenty pounds overweight, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't wracked by self-doubt about it before heading to the interview. No - he probably showed up, did his job, and represented his company. Which is exactly what I did too, and so it's entirely absurd that I wasted any mental energy on worrying about my looks over worrying about my talking points. But I f*cking ruled because, instead of handing off this interview to someone else at our firm (which I considered, for a brief minute) I stepped up to the dual challenge of representing myself and my company in a professional, intelligent manner and hopefully managed to further my own career in the process. Screw those ten pounds of doubt. My makeup looked smashing and I relied on my smile and my smarts to cover all traces of my jangling nerves.

Wedding-related celebration: I finalized the website, found a save-the-date program and design, and finally sent the dratted save the date emails. And, once I got past this procrastination hump, it unleashed a productive whirlwind of wedding activity as I contacted a rental company and multiple hotels to inquire about room block rates. Take that, checklist.

How about you? What victories can you celebrate this week, however large or small? When you stand back and review the last few days, what makes you silently cheer to yourself, "heck yeah, I f*cking rule!" Let me know in the comments because, like I said, we all deserve more celebrations in our life. And if we don't cheer for our own victories, however subtle or small, then we're missing a chance to recognize our everyday moments of strength.


  1. I applied for six m-effing jobs this week.

  2. Heck yeah you rule!

    I rule today because I have got over our "blips" and our wedding will happen. Whoop!

  3. Becca you fucking rule!!!!!!! Duh. :)

    And Mouse, nice job with those m-effing applications.

    And Anna, nice fucking job with getting over the blips and loving your wedding.

    I fucking rule because I got through a shit week with a big effing smile. :D

  4. Becca, you f*cking rule!

    And I effing rule because I got every single bridal shower thank you note sent this week, the same week as my shower. Despite the absolute pain in the ass they were.

  5. Congrats Becca! Awesome accomplishments.

    Why do I f*cking rule? Because I carved a kickass pumpkin representing my alma mater. Seriously, it was hard — it took three hours. And my mom was so proud she showed it to almost everyone in her office.

  6. Luv this f*-in post! Congrats to you!!!!!

  7. Beca, you f*cking rule because every time I am wracked with self doubt or some insecurity or another, you talk me out of it with brilliance.

    I f*cking rule because my boss is counting on me and trusts me, which is a pretty f*cking big deal after the past couple of years of crap.

  8. @Mouse - YAY for your job applications. My fingers are crossed for you.

    @Anna - Oh good. I knew you'd get here. And I also knew that panicking seemed the normal response in your situation. But I'm so happy you're moving beyond it now!

    @Angie - sometimes, just getting through the week deserves a massive celebration. So GO YOU!

    @Kerry - that is truly impressive. And reminds me I should buy some thank you cards for an upcoming shower so I can rule as hard as you just did.

    @Bunny - Everyone should check out that pumpkin photo at your blog. Because it's really THAT amazing.

    @Sarah - Especially after your post yesterday, I realize exactly why that's so huge. And I'm so happy for you - for working through the last few years and getting to this point where you have Tony, your children, and a great boss all supporting you.

    Seriously, I'm loving these celebrations. YAY!

  9. You do rule!

    This week, I sent off an application to my dream job (in addition to various other applications, because I really want a new job ;). It was a big psychological hurdle for me because it's the job I've always wanted and always been afraid to apply for because a "no" would have been sort of shattering. But at least I finally got the balls to take a chance!

  10. you totally rule! my small victories this week: cooking good dinners and drawing more. thanks for awesome posts like this!

  11. @A Marigold - That's huge! The worst thing that can happen is that they say no and you're in the same job. Ie, no loss. But it's actually a gain, because every time you reach for something you have the chance of something better. Fingers crossed!

    @Lisa - cooking good dinners are always an accomplishment. I think we managed it once this week, so kudos to you!

  12. YAY EVERYBODY! Especially Becca, our positive energy maven!

  13. Seriously, mouse! I just keep checking back to these comments to get a happy jolt :)

  14. You guys RAWK my world!!!!!!!!!!!! I f-ing rule this week b/c despite a recent miscarriage & zero income on a straight commission job I still managed to run 4 miles through Bev Hills while listening to Chuck Berry.............I am in love, 40, and engaged!!!!!!!! Silver lining is everywhere if you look for it.

  15. @Chickachick - I think that's the best celebration I've read yet. It's the small-big things that can make the big-big things better. Not that love or running four miles isn't huge, but you know what I mean. :)

  16. Reading all of these made me smile! We all rock!

  17. You do f*cking rule, Becca! I have been a radio news anchor for months now...and I have been increasingly nervous every single time...I hate stages...and that is definitely a stage. anyways...I nailed it today for The Late Edition. Pretty stoked.

    CONGRATS on your wins, lady!

  18. You f*cking rule!

    I f*cking rule this week because I got up the guts to tell my boss' boss all the things I was getting really frustrated about, and then I also asked for what I needed to be able to pursue the new projects I wanted to over the more boring work I'd been assigned.

  19. Love this post. It is great to read everyone's accomplishments. I rule this week because I acquired a car this week. It feels great to have transportation again.

  20. My job has been emotionally taxing of late. I work in HR, and my agency (public sector) is doing layoffs. We'in HR are safe (for now), because they need us to administer the dirty work. It's depressing, but it's also a lot of mother-effing work. I've never done a layoff before, and the rules surrounding seniority and union contracts are complicated and confusing.

    But, I got the hang of it and understand it and have done a really good job. I'm pretty effing proud of that.

    I am NOT looking forward to the meetings scheduled for a week from now (most of the people being hit know it's coming, but still), but I'm proud of the work I did in learning something new and doing a good job, even if it is something that I would rather never ever ever have to learn.

  21. I love this idea! I f*cking rule 'cause I rocked the Halloween-party-throwing-season! With Stuffed Pumpkin, and Pavola from skratch, and 6 inch heels... I was mighty proud of myself!


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