Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Department Store Dress Shopping, Take 3

It's been a while since I posted photos of the department store dresses I didn't choose, so I thought it was time to revisit these stunning-yet-affordable dress options. Because when I say affordable, I mean it. the following dress is $298 at Nordstrom and was really really really hard to return. Like, I still kinda wish I had it, even if the dress I have now is the right dress for me. Like, it took me two weeks to decide on my wedding dress because they were all so amazing (apparently my wedding dress hunt has been a feast-or-famine process. Who know the feasting would be so stressful too?) And it's not just me who loves this dress: the reviews at Nordstrom are unanimous in their shared love of it.

What's not to love? To-die-for party ruffles (that remind me of my years in Spain), a really flattering silhouette, lightweight material with a nice sheen, and built in boning and detachable straps (for use after the ceremony when you're partying on the dance floor). Also, the designer Dahlia McPhee is local, uses only vegan materials in her dresses, and plants a tree to reforest Lake Tahoe (a California locale I know and love) each time a dress is purchased, making my eco-friendly, local-love heart glow.

In the photos you'll notice a lot of ruching: while it's true that there is very flattering ruching on the dress, the dress I ordered was one size too large and you can see the extra fabric bunching in the photos. If you go for this dress option, ignore the reviews that tell you to buy it a size larger - it runs true to size. I would still have needed some minor alterations to get the exact fit, but I'd need that with any dress. Ultimately, I thought it was a little too diamond-white for my incredibly pale skin tone, but I can only imagine how fabulous this dress would be for someone else's wedding, and all for $300.

Here's the model (via Nordstrom):

Here's me:
 Seriously, if you don't kick up your heels in this dress and twirl, there's something wrong with you.

This was probably the most "weddingy" dress I tried on from the department stores, and I loved it. Both my Mom and Jason were leaning towards this dress over any of the others (though we were all pretty muddled about which dress was the right-est). It didn't look like a $2,000 salon dress (no, the material isn't salon-level gorgeous, but it's normal people pretty and doesn't feel cheap), but it looked a heck of a lot more expensive than $300. It just looked fabulous and festive and like I was ready to have the most fun wedding party in the history of wedding parties. And with such a great cut and superfun ruffles, I really hope one of you gets this dress for her wedding and then emails me the sure-to-be amazing photos.



  1. the dress looks really good on you and it doesn't look $300.

  2. I love that dress! Whatever beat that must be a real beaut.

  3. Girlfriend that dress is such a blank canvas for me. Could you imagine the ruffles starting at the hip instead of thigh, with tons of colorful tulle under them? That would be the best reception dress in the whole world. I am trying SO HARD to not buy it RIGHT NOW.

  4. girl, you look hot. i think you NEED that dress. it's beautiful and fun.

  5. that's a gorgeous dress, and you seriously have an awesome figure! tall & slim :)

  6. Awesome ruffle dress. I really wish there was something at one of these stores that would work for me. I keep looking just in case they get in something new.

  7. hot dress. super helpful post. RAWK!

  8. so gorgeous! i would be sick from twirling all day in it :)


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