Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sponsored Post: Williams Sonoma $150 Giveaway!

I am excited about today's post and giveaway on so many levels. Williams-Sonoma is genuinely one of those stores that makes me happy (and stores don't generally make me happy). There's something about their open layout, amazing kitchenware, and delicious treats that excites and inspires me about cooking and our homelife in general. In fact, one of our first engagement presents was a cookbook from Williams-Sonoma that I can't rave about enough. More than a cookbook, it's a reference guide full of great information on how to stock your kitchen, various cooking techniques, party planning tips, and amazing recipes. The gorgeous photos, lists all necessary implements for each recipe, and easy/medium/hard guides helped us move beyond stir-fry to rack of lamb without fear. We've turned to it on many a Sunday afternoon to plan a special evening in or recipe for entertaining.  Both the Williams-Sonoma book and store genuinely help cooking feel both accessible and special to me.

Cooking has become a central part of our shared life. We savor the time we spend together researching new recipes, shopping at farmer's markets, and preparing dinners over music. We've made do with our eclectic mix of scratched teflon pans and pots missing lids, but we're excited about the chance to have high-quality, long-lasting kitchenware on our registry. We bought everyday plates from a big box store, but they're already chipped after a year and I'm looking forward to having lifelong, durable servingware. We're not looking at our registry as a chance to simply acquire more stuff, but as the chance to build a home. My mother just replaced the Cuisinart my parents received from their wedding registry. She still has the same dutch oven from her wedding gift list. She still uses registry-purchased serving platters for Christmas meals and fancy occasions.  These pieces are part of my home and childhood memories. And we want the same for our home and future memories. We want items we'll cherish and use over and over. We want items from a company we can trust for durability and quality.

I would love love love a set of Calphalon non-stick, anodized aluminum cookware. Easy-to-clean, non-teflon, scratch-resistant, consistent heating, dishwasher-save, high-quality cookware that I can use for years and years.

I would love a cast-iron dutch oven for oven-safe and cooktop-safe slow-roasting of meats, soups, and sauces. And yes, I love the vibrant red color of this five quart dutch oven from Le Creuset.

We don't usually cook that much meat, but for Thanksgiving this will be an absolute necessity. And Jason may be inspired now to learn how to prepare prime rib.

 Cooking is about 1000 times easier and more fun with a quality set of knives. And a knife sharpener. I would love more than one good knife, which is what we currently have and creates difficulties when we're both doing prep work. I would love a full set of knives to handle all our cooking needs. 

These glass mixing bowls stack-and-store, can replace our scratched plastic bowls, and can also double as serveware.

We love entertaining and I would love to have these three cherry wood trays for hors d'oeuvres, transporting wine glasses to the patio, and general food presentation at parties. 

We never cared much about the gift part of wedding planning, since we're mostly excited about getting to celebrate our wedding with our community. But now, as the marriage becomes more real, I find myself getting more excited about crafting a meaningful registry too. It's felt easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of things we could request but, when I think back to my parents kitchen, I can start to imagine ours. And I can start to imagine our life. And I feel like our kitchen and Sunday dinners will be a foundation for our new family in the way that it was in my childhood family.

And that's why I'm truly excited about today's post, because Williams-Sonoma is offering one lucky reader a $150 to help with building your new family's home. That's $150 you can use that towards a food processor, dutch oven, pyrex dishes, cookbooks or whatever else you think is most important for you and your home.

To enter, all you need to do is:

1. Visit Williams-Sonoma here and create a registry. If you already have a registry, don't worry, you can still enter by adding another item to your existing Williams-Sonoma registry.
2. Leave a comment saying that you registered and sharing your item/why you're excited about this item for your future home.
3. You can get an extra entry if you include your registry link in the comment.

The contest closes at 6pm PST on Wednesday, September 8, so head on over here to start exploring and dreaming about your future home possibilities...


  1. I luuurve me some WS too! My wedding's already past but we had a full-on WS registry beforehand, does that still count? I hope so bc I'd love to win the gift card! Great giveaway!

  2. WS is awesome. We started lusting after registering there about 6 months before we even got engaged..ha!

    I registered for the William Somona logo towels--my step mom has a bunch of these towels and I LOVE using them when I go over--they are great to use like paper towels and you're not wasting trees!

    A link to our registry is: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2508541/registry-list.html

  3. Creating our registry at WS has been one of my favorite parts of the wedding process.. I am dying to get a KitchenAid Mixer in pink. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  4. @Lindsey-make sure to let us know what you added to your registry to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks!

  5. I just added a griddle pan to our WS registry! Mmm gluten free pancakes... I love those wooden trays you posted on here, maybe I'll add those too!

    A link to our registry is: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2523609/registry-list.html

  6. This is our registry - http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2497516/registry-list.html and I'm still waiting for the dutch oven but mine is in blue. This winning would definitely put us closer to affording one. =) Thanks!

  7. I already had a Williams Sonoma registry, but thanks to your inspiration I just added the Wusthof knife sharpener. Thanks for the contest!
    Link: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2608451/registry-list.html

  8. @Winne- please let me know what you added to your registry to make sure I can count your entry. Thanks!

  9. I have a registry already, but I just added the lattice and apple pie pocket molds! They're so cute!

  10. I just got married recently but we are going to be buying our new house in the spring so I started a housewarming registry! I soooo badly want the Le Creuset Dutch Oven to make my fam's famous sticky buns!

    Here is the link to my registry as well! https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/N1017032/manage-registry-list.html

  11. If that link doesn't work please tell me so I can send you a new one to prove it (or search Laura Lewis in California! I'm not sure if it's only working because I'm logged into my account right now! :) Thanks!!

  12. I have a Williams Sonoma registry here: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2611979/registry-list.html

    I think I'm most excited about the All-Clad double burner griddle, or the Cuisinart 4-slice toaster. Breakfast is my favorite time of day. My fiancé fell out of bed one Sunday morning in his rush to get downstairs to eat pancakes!

  13. I already have a Williams Sonoma registry, and I ADORE it. It's the easiest to maintain by far, and they don't creepily share your information like some other places (ahem, Macy's).

    I added this Cuisinart food processor: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/cuisinart-classic-14-cup-stainless-steel-food-processor/?pkey=x|4|1||4|cuisinart%20food%20processor||0&cm_src=SCH

    I have wanted a food processor for AGES and this one is just so pretty. I'll use it all the time. My mom still has the one she got as a wedding gift in the seventies. High quality, that is.

  14. Hmmm! I had some WS things on my universal registry but went ahead and created a new one with them.

    I don't expect that anyone will buy ANYTHING on our registry (we're also not expecting any gifts) so a $150 gift cert would be lovely.

    I added the Buffalo China Maritime Mugs, Set of 4. So I can pretend I'm in a diner all day, drinking coffee.


  15. Oh sorry - I added the Dutch Oven Blue (Azure Blue) http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products_g/5246715/?registryId=2497516&fromrgl=1


  16. Wa-What? Is this your first sponsored post ever with no intro or fanfare? I'm so confused.

  17. @Meg - I, um, maybe forgot to do any fanfare. Me and horn-tooting don't happen so well. I should probably write up one of those "About My Sponsorship" policy things to clarify, but I want everyone to know that I'm excited about this partnership because a) Williams-Sonoma is genuinely one of those companies whose stores make me swoon and b)this is truly a great opportunity for my readers that, frankly, I wish I could win for myself.

  18. @Laura - I just checked and housewarming registries count too!

  19. We love grilling and smoking, so I added the Stainless Steel Smoker box to my registry.

  20. I already have a Williams-Sonoma registry. I just added a Message-in-a-Cookie Cutter! I love baking cookies as a thank you and I think this is such an adorable way to do it!

  21. I added the hickory cutting board because my favorite just split :( This one looks great because it is wide, but not very tall. I have a teeny kitchen, and a very shallow counter which makes the hickory perfect!


    PS Becca, I have the Wusthof Ikon set and I freaking love them. I can slice through a whole watermelon like butter. If you get a chance, I highly recommend them! I had a beat up set of Classics, but the new handle of the Ikon is incredible!

  22. I love to cook and WS was actually the first place I registered soon after getting engaged. My fiance doesn't really care about registry stuff, but I know we would both enjoy an isi gourmet whip. I love to make fresh whipped cream to top off fresh fruit, hot chocolate, coffee etc and this would be great for everyday use and entertaining.


    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  23. Oooooh, I got that cookbook for my book shower! Glad that someone else is as excited about it as I am!!

  24. @eclpse - right? I saw the title and first was turned off. And then I opened it and realized it was a) pretty egalitarian in just assuming couples would want to cook together and b) a really amazing cookbook. (Make the lamb. If you eat meat at all, make the lamb recipe. Mmmmmmm)

  25. We've registered! We host a huge thanksgiving party for our friends the week before thanksgiving and are looking forward to upgrading from the cheap-o tin foil pan and thermometer to a proper turkey tray, baster and instant-read thermometer! Gobble gobble.

  26. And here's the link to the registry: https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2390310/manage-registry-list.html

  27. Thanks Becca, this is really cool.
    So ours has been open for a while with the rushed wedding/multiple moves, and so we can keep the list for ourselves :). We'd of course still love to build up our kitchen! I added the pizza stone.

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  29. I registered for a pressure cooker. I watch the chefs use it on the cooking channel and oooh and awhh over how quickly it works.

    Here's the

  30. Ha! Tell WS that it's working. I just added the Stainless Steel Smoker box based on susitravl's post.


  31. Oh! I love WS with a passion that my budget does not support. That Le Creuset dutch oven and roasting pan almost make me want to run out and set up a registry.

  32. Williams-Sonoma was one of the first places we registered when we started planning ... we love it too :) I personally love how helpful and knowledgable the staff is. Even though I feel like somewhat of a beginner when it comes to cooking / entertaining, they never talk down to me or make me feel like an amateur! I always feel inspired when I leave there, like I could totally just go home and roast a perfect chicken, even I've never done it before!

    I added the All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster, so I can someday roast my first chicken ... hopefully for an apartment full of guests!


  33. I already had a registry set up there, love W-S. I added the "Hemstitched Linen Runner" you can never have too many runners, I love them for semi-formal occasions. Thanks for hosting this mega-amazing giveaway!

  34. Hi! My wedding is May 21, 2011 and my favorite item that I added when I created my registry is the Breville Juice Extractor because I have had many health problems and in order to be healthy I cook organic and make our juices from scratch...it takes a lot of time and effort and this would make it so much easier! We plan on having a long happy life together!

    Registry ID: N2826602
    Today's Date: 9/3/10
    My registry id is

  35. I haven't put too many items on there yet because I need to do my usual exhaustive review searching of items on Cook's Illustrated and think about what items we currently use that I want to replace...but what's on there already makes me really happy! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2612960/registry-list.html

    KitchenAid Stand Mixer: basically the one thing I've always looked forward to about getting married. Plus, all the attachments...I'll be able to make pasta and ice cream and grind my own meat, maybe.
    All-Clad roaster: I love having people and making roast chicken for dinner, it looks so impressive and then making stock afterwards is so satisfying too
    Food processor: PESTO FOREVER HERE I COME
    Riedel wine glass set: we can be grown ups now with proper wine glasses. I can't bring myself to pony up for them now because we don't drink wine very often, but that's also because it feels so silly to drink wine out of mugs/glasses.
    And just for fun, the lattice pie pocket mold because it's cute.

    Thanks again for hosting this giveaway!

  36. I just created my WS registry!! So excited and now trying to decide what to add to it... so far my favorite item is practical... the wusthof knife set. fingers crossed!


    husainn (at) mail.amc.edu

  37. I added the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Cuisine Steak Knives, Set of 4 to my registry. I already have a set of Henckels knives and would love to add to my collection!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  38. This is such a wonderful contest! I'm most excited for the kitchenaid pasta roller attachment. My fiancee and I love to cook together and we struggled through graduate school eating mostly spaghetti through the tough months. I'm excited for us to be able to spend time making and cooking delicious pasta together as a way to remember our first few years together!

  39. Oh, how I love Williams Sonoma! Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous contest. I already had a registry, but finally added the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Cobalt Blue. We’re getting married in the spring of next year and this mixer would be such a wonderful addition to our happy little kitchen. My fiance and I cook together a lot, and I can just imagine all the amazing cakes, breads and meals we'll be able to make together with it! The meat grinder attachment kinda scares me, but hey, that's what my fiance is for! Here’s a link to our registry --

  40. This is our Williams-Sonoma registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2616617/registry-list.html

    I'm excited about a few things here! For one, the Le Creuset Stoneware Mini Round Cocottes are darling and I can't wait to create soups and souffles for them. I'm also pretty excited for the Cow Creamer, mostly because I'm a big fan of "Wonderfalls" (canceled before its time!). Moo! :)