Thursday, July 15, 2010

If An Elementary School Kid Can Make It?

I am generally DIY-averse. I know my limitations and I know most projects get started with hopeful glee and abandoned halfway through in utter frustration and self-hatred. (Except for poms. For some reason I am a pom-making genius.)

Anyhow, I'm always on the prowl for uber-easy DIY. Like, throw-some-flowers-in-a-mason-jar level DIY. And, while these stunning mobiles from Frazier &Wing are significantly more labor intensive, if an elementary school class can make them as an art project, maybe I can too? Maybe? Or maybe not, since thinking about the knot tying on either side of each individual piece of paper/figuring out another elegant way to secure the paper just-so would kill me. So maybe I can buy them from Frazier & Wing instead. Because dang, these are awesome.

All images from the incredibly talented Frazier & Wing, at her blog.

And here is the elementary school kid art concoction I mentioned, which was inspired by the mobiles above:

Blah blah, the details don't matter. I know. But I still think about how I can use the wedding to collect/make sustainable/affordable/easy-but-impactful pretties that can decorate our home or parties for years to come. And, um, I love these pretties. Especially the branch-hanging mobiles.


  1. The purple macaron tower photo makes me want a mobile MADE OF COOKIES. That I can walk into and eat.

  2. ooh, really cute! these would be so easy to make if you buy your paper from a craft store that has a workroom with a die cutter!

  3. these would be cute above a crib.

    and i have full faith in your ability to make one.

  4. @elizabeth. Oh. I see how it goes. Once I get past seeing everything as possible wedding inspiration I'll see it as nesting inspiration or baby inspiration.

    Because I agree, these would be super cute baby mobiles too.

  5. Maybe you and Sarah could join forces. She' got a kindergartener who's clearly on point with the craft-making.

    Um, but I love the hanging things. WALL HANGING THINGS!! WHY AREN'T YOU MINE??

  6. Hells yeah. My kids would have a great time making these mobiles. But, I have to warn you, they're quite bossy and will create their own "patteren."

  7. clearly.

    us womenfolk, we just get married and have babies.

    that's all we're good for.

  8. 4th pic down is the first image of random stuff I've saved for "inspiration" purposes. What's happening to me!?

  9. @sarah - It's almost like you're tempting me to flaunt child labor laws. Except that arts and crafts hour is always a blast.

    @elizabeth - that's the philosophy that's always worked for me. Clearly.

    @hitchdied - and so it begins. Bwaha.

  10. Is it really "labor" if they beg you to get out the craft box?

    We've been working on "multimedia" art concepts lately, so they would totally dig this (as long as they get to hang one in their rooms). Which reminds me -- I should pick up some neon or glow in the dark paper for this project. Ooooh.

  11. I'll make you one! :)

    My sister surprised us with two INSANE projects. A badass handmade teepee and 1000 freaking paper cranes with a hand-knotted bead on either side of each crane. She got the majority of the craft-y genes but I have a few and I'd love to tackle one of these.

  12. Shit those are cute.

    If you keep posting like this I can't come back. I don't want anymore on my to-do list than there already is!

    jk. You know I love you and your blog.

    I'm gonna vote until the cows come home. Or until it's 11:59.

  13. @Emilia Jane - um, a handmade TEEPEE??!! Like the kind that you've been drooling over??!! Awww the love! That's one amazing sister, even before the 1000 hand-knotted beads on the cranes. She is a stronger craftier woman than I. That is amazing. And that is why I usually end up buying art instead of making it.


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