Friday, June 11, 2010

For So Cal Locals: Recession Bride Workshop

One of the most difficult things about wedding planning is that we're suddenly asked to become skilled event planners who can coordinate the logistics of a giant (possibly) multi-day event that's additionally complicated by the emotions of a marriage and family drama. And unfortunately, most of our professional expertise is elsewhere and our time is generally tied up in that profession for about eight to ten working hours, making event planning difficult. Oh, and we're all supposed to do it on a tight budget while trying not to be terrified by that Knot checklist of 572 unfinished items and terribly unhelpful hints. (Hey Knot - you know what would be helpful? A list of venues that weren't described as $$, $$$, and $$$$ and which are all actually $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.)

So yeah, this stuff is hard. And if you're anything like me, you'll be lucky to find enough money to scrape together for a Day of Coordinator, let alone a full Wedding Planner. But experienced Wedding Planners are godsends, and I don't mean that lightly, because they actually are professional event planners who already know the town's venue and cost saving secrets and can see the logistical challenges and answers a mile off. But for many of us, planners are an expensive pipe dream, and we're left battling with the Knot (and our mothers.)

Because of all of that, I'm really excited to help get the word out about Liz Coopersmith's upcoming Recession Bride Workshop. Liz, who planned the Los Angeles wedding of her dreams for $10,000 and gave us a great guest post on planning a $10,000 wedding in Los Angeles, is now offering an afternoon workshop in which you can pick her brain about all sorts of budget saving and sanity saving options. One of the many reasons I love Liz is that she's adamant that you can have the wedding you want on the budget you have, and she'll really show you how at the workshop.

These workshops are intentionally small, so she can really get a chance to answer your and your partner's specific questions. This isn't general "cut your guest list" advice that makes me want to scream. Liz is here to help you. Bring your budget. Ask your questions. She'll walk through the specifics of how much this wedding stuff actually costs, what are the easiest ways for you to cut back, who has the best deals and discounts in Los Angeles (and you should also be following her blog for weekly deals on Wedding Wise Wednesday ), and she'll talk about the real costs and benefits of DIY (because sometimes DIY can be more expensive and irritating, so you should know that before you, um, buy a sewing machine like I did.)  Also, she's going to have cake and cocktail tastings, along with examples of fabulous lower cost pre-loved dresses.

Oh, and the best part is how recession friendly the pricing is: $20 per couple. Even better? You can get a $5 discount through next Wednesday, June 16 if you use the code ""WedSaveFive."
June 27
1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Event Studio
2524 W. Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, CA  91505

For more information and to register, visit the registration page at Silver Charm Events.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really adore Liz and her sane approach to planning and wanted to share information about this opportunity with all of you So Cal locals.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This looks like exactly what I need!

  2. Maybe Liz can help you with the venue dilemma? You are in my thoughts. If I knew anything about L.A., I would help, too.

  3. I *WISH* we had a Liz equivalent in Philly! She's amazing with her tips!

  4. Is this layout new since yesterday? I totally dig it.

    The workshop sounds like a great resource. Hope it helps!

  5. I like the whole idea of a recession workshop specifically for the tips and tricks on getting the wedding you want, with the amount you want to spend for it.
    But then I checked out Liz's website, and some of her suggestions kinda turned me off. Like tagging your wedding website on google so that it is easy for people to find (!?)
    And having paid advertisements at your wedding to help sponsor the cost (!!??)
    Ummm, no thank you. My love and I are getting married, not starting a business. But I might use some of her ideas when I DO start my business in about five years, that will totally work!

  6. @Kourtney - I've met with Liz in person, and her real-world tips are much more practical, along the lines of the LA Love post I linked to in this article. Again, she had a $10K, 100 person wedding in LA without sponsorships herself, so she gets it. She's just willing to think outside the box which might lead in some interesting directions, but, in general, she's just a smart incredibly capable planner who knows LA. The suggestions you mention are not the sort she'll cover in the workshop. Her workshop covers budget basics, LA realities, and easy ways to cut costs/where you'll need to make choices to fit your budget priorities.

  7. You have to go thru your theKnot've probably done a lot of that stuff.


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