Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hi. My Name is Becca. I'm not a Bride

I need a break from the wedding. I need a break from (ongoing) venue drama, budgetary worries, dress search freakouts, marriage conversations, hairflowers, and everything else. I need a break from writing about the wedding and caring about the wedding and discussing the wedding and looking over excel sheets about the wedding.

So today, it's just me. Because it turns out there's a lot in my life that's not related to weddings, thank god. And it turns out that I generally think these things are more exciting than weddings. THANK GOD.  So today, here's a list of this week's musings that are entirely unrelated to weddings. Currently, I'm:
  • preparing to present at my first conference ever. I've moderated panels, but never presented before. This should be terrifying and fun, all at the same time. 
  • daydreaming about a trip to Guatemala, and thinking we should go this summer. Trying not to be resentful that the layoff stole our trip to Guatemala this past winter.
  • obsessing about the BBC three-part documentary on Yellowstone and wondering why it took an overseas media effort to do this national park justice. Actually, I probably know why and I don't like the answers.
  • determining that, if I were empress of the world, it would be mandatory for children (and moronic adults) to watch BBC nature documentaries, particularly those about Yellowstone or narrated by David Attenborough. 
  • daydreaming about the international unicorns and ice cream amazingness I were in fact, empress of the world.
  • procrastinating on my 30th birthday party planning. Which is unfortunate, since my birthday is this month. 
  • wondering what I should wear to the 30th birthday soiree, especially since none of my clothes fit well anymore and I don't have time or money to go shopping. Hmm.
  • wondering about which wines to buy when we visit my absolute favorite local(ish) vineyard for (part) of said birthday celebration and deciding I want them all.  
  • wishing I had TV, but only on Tuesday nights, because I'm that anxious to see the new episode of Glee now, instead of waiting for Hulu on Wednesday.
  • wishing that Glee weren't so autotuned, but loving it anyhow.
  • wishing I could still afford my Economist subscription.
  • wondering if it's improper to try and network with the gentleman whose car I rear-ended on Monday morning. (what? he could totally be a great connection.)
  • swooning over pictures of my friend's newborn baby and my other friend's ring-pop proposal and wishing they both lived nearby so I could squee with them in person.
  • wishing more of my close friends lived nearby (move back! come here in the first place! I'll show you around!)
  • searching for good recipes that use kale, swiss chard or beets and trying to figure out if our new CSA box is worth it instead of farmer's market shopping
  • searching unsuccessfully for non-toxic sheer foundation that actually looks right with my skin tone and isn't a mineral powder
  • realizing that living my ethics is a lot more expensive than I'd like it to be (and no, that musing wasn't about makeup. At least, not specifically.)
  • looking forward to learning more about home composting and buying a subsidized composter. Possibly at one of these workshops.
  • wishing I had time for a museum day with my dad some weekend before mid-June. 
  • wishing I had time for anything before some weekend in mid-June.
  • happy I finally turned on my (Christmas present) kindle and downloaded some guilty pleasure books to get me through the crazy stress, since I haven't found time to get to the library lately.
  • wishing I could come up with a better description of my number one guilty pleasure reading than Time-Traveling Scottish Historical Romance Novels
  • wondering if I will ever have time or energy for serious novels and non-work, non-wedding related thinking ever again.
  • trying to find three nearby weekend-getaway camping options for summer fun.
  • getting excited about summer fun.
So for all you folks who frequent this blog, I'm also wondering about you. About the people behind the blogs, comments, and silent readership here. Who are you, aside from the damn weddings? What's really on your mind this week/month/year? What's your biggest non-wedding related goal? Worry? Hope? What's the best non-wedding-related thing going on in your life right now? The best youtube link you've found in the last month? your favorite non-wedding related blog? Anything about who we all are, apart from this singular focus on our weddings.

Hi. I'm Becca. Thanks for reading my blog. Usually, I'm not planning a wedding. And I generally like it that way.


  1. May I recommend Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream for a sheer foundation? I got a free sample kit (this package:
    and I am so excited to buy full size ones (on amazon, where they are much cheaper). It provides the perfect light coverage, looks totally natural, and has helped my breakout prone combination skin SO MUCH. I don't mean to sound like an infomercial, but it's awesome! If you google around, there might still be codes to get the sample kit for free, too!


    Anyway, I love hearing about wedding bloggers outside of their wedding planning! Myself, I am currently finishing my second of 3 semesters in my Masters program, planning tons of trips to my home state for friends' weddings this summer, and hunting down my older sister so I can video chat with her and with my niece, who is 20 months old! I also spend a lot of time plotting our move back closer to friends in family in a couple of years haha.

  2. Love this post. You're so right. I think I need a break too. A break from looking at stunning real weddings, secretly hoping mine will be as beautiful!! Just last night I started thinking about our guest list and all the money we're pouring into things... wondering why in the world we're spending so much for people we hardly ever see or talk too!! A break from it all would be nice... like you, we're dreaming about taking trips aboard. We're making plans to move in with each other. And my biggest goal outside is to run a marathon next March. I am almost half-way there, as I just ran my first 10 miler. Running makes me happy. It's also an excellent release and escape from it all. Thanks for this post!!! Love your blog!!

  3. Mmmm, David Attenborough.

    Hi there. My non-wedding self is an American living in Canada and is worried about the status of myself (come September when my work permit expires) and that of himself (who is an Irish citizen). The green card paperwork in the U.S. is a pita and the permanent residency paperwork in Canada is a pita and we're thinking about finding an island somewhere to live where no one cares about our citizenship and status. I take comfort in wedding planning; it masks so much of the worry.

    I love to read. And knit. And ride my bike. And play Sims for hours and hours on end. I also need a new computer, for my hard drive is almost full (with what, I don't know), and sometimes my laptop is so slow that I have to walk away to keep from throwing it. (No, really.) I'm also supposed to be working right now . . .

  4. Yay! Hi Becca! I'm going to rent that Yellowstone thingie.

    You know me already.


  5. Oh Sir David. You are so wise. A true master. You must watch blue planet if you haven't already. It's too beautiful.

    So hello, I am anna, trying to better herself through song! One day I will at least have some of the answers.

  6. I couldn't agree more with your comments about Glee.

  7. Yay! I can't believe you restrained yourself from not opening Kindle for so long. Download all the classics (they're free). I read "War of the Worlds", "Emma", and now "Sherlock Holmes. "Drown" by Junto Diaz is a pretty good collection of modern short stories. I also read McKinsey Quarterly and Perez Hilton about equally and am still obsessed with Mark Bittman and the food section of the NY Times.

    I would have recommended Bare Escentuals but it's mineral foundation. Hmm, I think Maybelleine Dream Matte Mousse has gotten rave reviews and I've used it and liked it.

    Otherwise, just a girl dealing with life in a few different countries, trying to grasp the detriment/benefits of her unused master's and the oppty. cost of getting it, and keeping my head afloat and mostly happy thoughts on my blog (but yes I do get bummed and wonder about this new role that is just wife until my next professional role comes along).

    How about a standout accessory with something existing? Or does a friend/family member have something awesome you could borrow?

  8. Yes, I am in desperate need of a wedding break too. In the last two weeks it has really started to get to me and occupy wayyyy too much of my brain space.
    I need some of that brain space back, because the week before the wedding I have to submit two papers for publication. I have a masters in environmental health and actually do get to use it, but I worry because I'm not actually enjoying my job that much right now. Oh and I also need some brain space to dissect the madness on Lost and follow the hockey playoffs.

    Congrats on the presentation!

  9. i might have to put in my will (if i ever do something extraordinary enough to warrant this), that my documentary be narrated by david attenborough, i am so going home and wtahcing planet earth tonight

  10. it was really refreshing to get to hear about the non-wedding parts of your life... as with any "themed" community, I tend to forget that everyone has so many other facets to their lives. Will have to check out that Yellowstone film. I love a well-done documentary (ahh, the BBC does so many things better).

    Hmm. I guess my biggest goal for right now is to find some kind of meaningful employment. Right now, I'm waiting to hear from the director of the theatre program (where I got my MFA) to sort out the details of a part-time teaching job ("intro to costume design"). But I'm still not sure it's what I want long-term. My partner and I would also like to move out of this area and maybe closer to our families, but we're reluctant to pack up and move without either of us having a job.

    I'm also trying to think of something to get my mom for mother's day, something to make for dinner that involves carrots, and deciding whether or not I want to see the movie "A Prophet," since it finally reached our art house theater (it looks good, but v. heavy).

    It's been a while since I've seen something great on youtube (got any links?), but this is one of the best non-musical things I've found in a while: "The Anthropology of Youtube" []It's long, but worth it.

    Oh, and my alma mater (undergrad) had a Glee-ish flash mob thingy on youtube: I was never very "rah rah go OSU!" but it did make me a little misty-eyed for my undergrad days (when the union looked nothing like that).

  11. I'm glad you wrote this post because I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I'm less than two months out now, and more than anything, I just want to get back to my NORMAL LIFE! I'm tired of talking to people about weddings. I'm tired of my life being defined by this one-day event! And I'm tired of my hobbies being replaced with "Saving Money for Wedding" and "Planning Wedding" and "Stressing Over Vendors."

    My two passions are dogs and food, and I want to have my time back so I can volunteer at an animal shelter; and I want to have my money back so I can purchase my food more consciously (damn, is it expensive to purchase conscious food!).

    I also want to buy a Kindle, because my local library is severely understocked and I'm running out of stuff to read that's on my Goodreads list!

  12. i'm nowhere near being a bride myself. and you still have over a year to go so you definitely don't need to let being a bride take over your life. sounds like you have a lot of other great stuff going on.

    beets - see my beet brownie recipe ;-) and swiss chard and kale are best sauteed in lots of olive oil and salt. or in frittatas.

  13. Oh, Becca how I love thee. Thank you for sharing your life outside of wedding with us. I know we can ALL relate to needing to take a break from the wedding, so this was much needed. ...especially after the conversation (more like fight) I had with my parents about the wedding last night. fun times.

    So let's see... here's what I'm up to:
    -"Psych" is in full swing right now. We're about to start principle photography on our second episode next week. Very exciting.
    -My writing partner and I are close to finishing our spec sample to show my boss.
    -Mike's skateboard club is continuing to be very successful. He's making breakthroughs with kids everyday and I really think he has discovered his life's passion as a result.
    -My girlfriends are taking me on a surprise "journey" this Saturday starting at 9 AM-- I am SO excited, and have NO idea what is going to take place.
    -I lost my shit crying during last night's Lost episode.
    -I want to get another tattoo. I know what I want, I just need to go do it.
    -Annnnnnd I want a pair of Irregular Choice shoes and can't afford them.

    oh, and VIVA LOS SUNS!

  14. Ha! I wrote this post pretty much verbatim a little over a year ago. Different bullet points, but you get what I'm saying.

    I am, thank god, not a bride, and all my thoughts are on household-wide employment questions, and law school graduation happening in our household in 9 days.

  15. YES. My wedding needs a time-out.

    I'm getting ready to pack up and move across the great (psssh) state of South Dakota in 3 months to begin graduate school. I haven't told my employer yet, and it's killing me to keep it a secret, because I'm so, so excited.

    My guy is looking for a job where we plan to move to, after a HUGE disappointment last week. My guy and I have been living apart since December after living together for a year (what we'd do for money, I never knew until now), and it's hard, hard, hard.

    So, I'm thinking about excitement, sadness, and waiting. Waiting until after the wedding madness ends and life begins again.

  16. i feel for you. i planned a los angeles wedding (on a budget!) in less than 6 months.

    2 months later i'm happily married and devouring the PBS series on national parks on blu-ray. highly recommend.

    i promise you will have a life again. it's been beautiful to have weekends, to go camping, to write in my blog and not feel like i should talk about flowers and food. right now my thoughts are on my new job where they are trying to change the world... and i'm just trying to keep up.

  17. Yay for life outside of weddings. I'm currently doing a couple of these including:
    - swooning over my bestie's newborn baby
    - wishing more of my close friend's lived nearby (boo)

    On my mind this month:
    - turning 33 in a month!
    - fixing odds and ends around the house in case we list
    - growing my first herb garden
    - baking (it's what I do when I'm stressed)

  18. congrats on the conference and good luck with makeup. I find the more I try to buy 'clean' makeup, the harder it is... most of them aren't really great, or are 'sort of' green. Which is frustrating, cuz why bother spend all that extra money for 'sort of eco' makeup??? blegh.

    hah, I'm Lisa, and right now i'm doing a yoga challenge to raise money for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind... lol.
    And I've been creating a Francophone Bilingual SLP position for my province.... which takes up my brain space.

    I've sort of been ignoring lots of wedding stuff.... so kinda opposite from you, I think it's time I sit down and actually chat with friends about my wedding lol. :)

  19. This was awesome and refreshing! I realized recently that I kind of forgot that our wedding is this summer - all my friends are planning vacations and I was feeling left out and bummed and then I remembered we have a week-long honeymoon booked in August. And I thought "oh that's right, we're getting married this summer... woops!" It was kind of nice :)

  20. AMEN. I get sucked into talking about weddings a lot, which I love, but sometimes enough is enough.

    I work in marketing at a software company, and am the mama of a feisty cat that doesn't like it when I don't let her play outside. I want to be healthier and make better friends with some of the people I know, since I haven't lived here that long. I want to figure out what to do with my life while my fiancé is in grad school, so I can have my turn to do something I love.

    Most amusing YouTube video "Moskau":

    And favorite nonwedding blog: <-- snarky celebrity fashion blog

  21. *waving* Hiiiiii, Becca!

    Girl, you know it's true. Ooh, ooh, oooohh, I love you. Hells to the yeah for being an actual person instead of a bride.

    My name is Lyn, and there are many things on my mind lately, including but not limited to:

    1) Cake-baking.
    2) How the fact that I can now swear on the phone with my mom without her admonishing me is evidence that she has accepted me as an adult!
    3) How Liz Phair's song "Cinco De Mayo," off of the album Whip-Smart, is topically appropriate to have stuck in my head today, whereas Lou Bega's "Mambo No. 5" is NEVER appropriate to have stuck in my head.
    4) How Lou Bega should vacate my head immediately.
    5) Nacho cheese, and how it is so gross yet I still like to eat it.
    6) Work, and how I should be doing it.

    <3 <3 <3

  22. Love this! We are not just brides, dammit!

    1. My goal is to take the damn GRE's and go to graduate school.
    2. My biggest worry is that I can't help my brother.
    3. My favorite thing to do is to make up my own recipes and experiment with things in the cupboard. So far, I've made a really great, simple recipe that includes cooking lentils in my rice cooker.
    4. I spend lots of time with my grandparents. They tell me stories about what it was like living in the Philippines during WWII.
    5. Right now I'm trying to focus more on being a good daughter and sister than anything else.
    6. My all-time favorite Youtube video is the keyboard cat. Hands down.
    7. I secretly dream of being a break dancer or writing my own rock opera.

    Love the blog, Becca. Thanks.

  23. Interesting facts:
    - My life is not all weddings - promise.
    - I would live on the mountains and would have moved yesterday if I could.
    - Graduate school owns me right now, yet I think it is completely reasonable to get another master's degree in who knows what (I'm currently looking at a Sustainability Degree, which I'm pretty stoked about).
    - I love to fly. In planes and am a bit upset that my pilot of a fiance hasn't taken me flying in two years (yes, you read that right, two years).
    - My guilty pleasures are trashy reality shows (can't help it).
    - I'm most looking forward to this weekend, when my friends from college are all in town.
    - I've recently added philanthropist to my resume and have loved every second of every org I have gotten involved with.

    Yeah, that's my life today in a nutshell. Keyword: Today.

  24. vat vedding?

    -trying not to quit my job
    -fighting with anarchist friends over the may day riots
    -wanting to launch a new section of my shop but not even having time to sew for it!
    -listing etsy like crazy
    -missing my baby nephews and getting set to be in Vermont in THREE WEEKS
    -sewing friends wedding dress that's due also in 3 weeks
    -designing business cards? need to do.
    -blog blog blog
    -buy cat food. seriously. buy cat food. cat will eat us as we sleep.

  25. Yellowstone is magical! I went quite a few years ago but I still remember much of it.

    Let's see...I'm still young (21), graduating from college in June. I'll have a degree in Civil Engineering but there's no jobs out there (=bigger worry than anything wedding related). My quote in the yearbook senior year of high school was Ghandi's "be the change you wish to see in the world", it's kind of my life goal. I've been involved with Habitat for Humanity, Engineers without Borders and I've gone to Mexico to build houses.

    I recently discovered my passion for sustainability (which I know you are involved in too!). UCI has an amazing center on campus headed by the coolest professor I've EVER had. He studies environmental impact in conflict areas for the UN (and has addressed the UN in NY, TWICE). It's definitely the path I want to take, I just don't know where to start.

  26. Great post! We are individuals outside of this little wedding bubble. Our lives do not revolve around roses and silk chiffon.
    - Dark secret #1 lol ... I spend very little of my time thinking about weddings or wedding planning and refuse to give in to the obsession. Though I do find posting about wedding related things like shoes and hair styles therapeutic. But I spend very little time thinking about weddings outside of my blog. I am a procrastinator through and through.
    -Dark Secret #2 I hate weddings. I think they are overpriced gaudy pageants and the only reason I go to them is for the open bar and because I have to.
    - I used to save lives for a living and live in scrubs. I am now stepping my stiletto heels into the corporate world
    - I want to adopt like 8 kids but not in the Angelina and Brad style and oh look at me I am so self righteous. I want to adopt older American foster kids who just need a chance.

  27. I've been lurking for weeks, but feel compelled today. Yes, we are real people with real lives! I have been consumed with work, my students are getting ready to take their AP Exam and we've been cramming. I am looking forward to 3 months of vacation and devouring the many stacks of books and my long netflix queue. First up, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Julia & Julia (the movie).

    @Becca-Scottish Time Traveling? Is this Diana Gabaldon? I used to work at Borders :)

    @Bowie Bride-I was bawling during Lost. My fiance took my hand and held while I sobbed like a fool.

  28. Non-wedding stuff:
    Getting my students ready for their state exams in math next week,
    I just booked the tickets to go visit my fiance in England this summer (2 months and 5 days, the countdown is ON!)
    My fiance's mom got married today (hey, that's not MY wedding so it counts as non-wedding stuff, right?)
    It's nice to take a break from wedding stuff. But not for too long because it's all so pretty :D

  29. Non-wedding stuff:

    Excited to be getting into shape again

    Feeling so inspired by the latest Anthropologie catalog

    Can't WAIT for Sex & the City 2

    Missing my closest friends, most of whom live in the Midwest while I'm stuck out here in California

    Wanting to see that BBC documentary... love Yellowstone, have been there several times. And I remember that the Wendy's there served the best pancakes I've ever eaten... yes, the Wendy's there served breakfast for a short period of time

  30. Hi Becca!

    I'm Eden! And I too am so much more than a bride. I'm running a Burning Man camp this year. I'm a Marcom Director manning tradeshow booths, directing web traffic and deliberating over how to raise brand awareness. I'm a cooking/baking enthusiast. I'm a gourmand/foodie. I'm a wine lover. I'm a photographer. I'm an antique collector. I'm an avid thriller reader. I'm an America's Next Top Model, Grey's Anatomy, House, Bones, Fringe, Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen (can't wait til next season starts) addict.

  31. Thanks for sharing more about yourself. I loved this post. It's so refreshing to learn about bloggers outside of their wedding persona. Good luck at your conference! Public speaking scares the shit out of me..eeep.

    I am a LA girl loving life in the city with the husband. Being a wife is the best. Life after the wedding is so much more fun. (Hang in there, it'll be worth it!) Part time graduate student studying Chemical Engineering with a mission of helping people live longer, healthier lives. Looking forward to this summer and the opportunity to finally get started on my mission. All the while contemplating when would be a good time to move to Mexico with the hub. One day, one day. I love reading blogs and learning about other peoples' lives and perspectives - like yours!

  32. Hi Becca! It's nice knowing all of these things. I'm Luigi and I'm a girl. I love wedding blogs because I dream of having a nice and solemn wedding someday also. A hopeless romantic? haha. You can say that. Anyways, I really appreciate this post of yours.

  33. Nice to meet you, Becca :)

    Have you seen the other BBC documentaries? They are all UH-MAZING. Blue Planet and Planet Earth blow my mind. I could literally watch no other tv and be happy.

    In my life, I am wondering about career choices. I want to be a wedding planner, but dude that is such a terrible career choice in the UK. I love weddings and I love people and I love LOVE but I do not love the pressure and stress and inadequacies weddings cause. How can I make money planning weddings for people when I want to encourage them all to forego the stuff the WIC decides we should all buy and ENJOY themselves? Indie, low-budget weddings do not an income make. So I'm working as an event manager. Not even convinced I want to be here. But I have no idea where else I want to be.

    In other news, I totally brought last night's leftovers in for lunch today and I'm pretty excited.

    Also, I've lost my ballot paper for voting (UK election). Drat. Anyone seen it?

    Suzie (member of the Silent Readership)

  34. I am growing a garden in my back yard. And planning to build my photography portfolio. And baking a LOT of whole wheat bread of various flavors. And trying to find gainful employment. And planning a trip to New Orleans.

    I have also read all of those damn Scottish time-traveling books and every time I read one I feel sort of abashed because of their romance-novel qualities, but also unable to stop reading.

    As for vegetables, I also used to do the CSA box but got frustrated at the Iron Chef quality that cooking had to take on. It can be fun, but annoying when all you want to do is make a spinach salad and you have a heap of Swiss chard instead. Anyway, my favorite way to eat beets is cooked (boiled or roasted) and sliced with thinly sliced raw fennel, goat cheese and a little smattering of vinaigrette. For kale, I like to make potato kale soup.

  35. Hi Becca!

    This week, I am worrying about toxic personalities, my children, and deadlines. Lots and lots of deadlines.

  36. I feel this way constantly. I never considered myself "bride-like" before becoming engaged.

    I am finishing my masters in public policy at UCLA next month and about to start a new job in affordable housing. I was walking home the other night with my completed thesis in my bag and copies of our save-the-date we emailed out, and I thought, wow. Life is overwhelming right now!

  37. Hi,
    I'm Dana. Newly engaged. New reader. And, cooking/retro blogger.

    I have a nice recipe using kale.

    All the best,
    DanaMc - Who doesn't just want to be a bride ;)

  38. You rock.

    LOUISE (as opposed to T30SB)

  39. I'm Mary Jo! I'm a teacher, and I miss being a student, because I was better at it! I also love the Outlander series! Thanks for the refreshing post. Your blog rocks!

  40. Love it. Rule #7, Babe, Sharpen the Saw.
    I'm worried about Glee, though. It's not nearly as awesome as it was last year.
    So, Saturday, I bought a guitar and just had my first real guitar lesson, during which I played my first two songs. Baby practice songs, but that's more than I could play last week. I am TOTALLY, TOTALLY addicted.

  41. Love this! Went crazy long winded on Lyn's, so I'll keep this one short.

    I'm Jess, I'm exhausted, I work a lot. I have a very warm basset hound at home who often acts as a personal basset blanket and I wish I was snuggled with him right now and not at my desk at work.

  42. Not weddings...

    I am Tamara. I am finished with my second year of graduate school and completely, totally in love with my dissertation topic. It combines critical race theory, black feminist thought, critical public health scholarship, and languages of citizenship, in one big old case study...about herpes. I repeat, I am totally in love with my topic.

    I get to teach my first solo class this summer in San Francisco (I live in CO), on masculinities and femininities.

    I want to take photography classes. A friend does too. Think I'll do some research on available courses.

    And I'll end it here. Thank you for letting me not be a "bride" for a few minutes!

  43. Congrats on presenting at a conference! I just presented at my second ever conference as a part of a panel. :)

    Off to the last day of said conference now.... :)

  44. Thanks for the Yellowstone tip! My boyfriend and I have an obsession with BBC nature documentaries, but hadn't heard of that one. It's SOOO GOOD and is filling the void left by the end of Life on the Discovery Channel. (Plus Peter Firth's narration run rings around dumb Oprah's.)

  45. Re the CSA box. Just like everything else in life, sometimes the best things you discover are in situations in which you have no choice. It'll force you to try new veg and get different nutrients in your system. Plus, you will be earing the best and freshest of the season. It's awesome! Braise the kale in a vodka or marinara sauce with some fresh whole wheat pasta. Braise it and mash it with some potatoes (this is a classic Irish dish), or bake it with smoked salt for kale chips! Swiss chard is one of my most beloved leafy greens and you can do pretty much anyhing you would do with mature spinach. My usual is just wilted a little with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. Rainbow chard is a little more bitter and you typically have to cook it a little longer. A little honey doesn't hurt either. Beets are best roasted in a little balsamic vinegar in a non reactive (non aluminum because the acid in the vinegar helps release the nastiness in aluminum) cassarole or roasting pan. Top it with aluminium foil and roast for about two hours at 400. Let them cool enough to handle with a dish towel and peel the skin away. Beets have tons of sugars that caramelize when roasted and they get super sweet. Let them cool a little more so be juice doesn't all run out then cut and toss with a spinach salad and goat cheese. Also, the dark beet greens can be cooked like chard and the other beet varieties can be cooked like spinach. No waste!

  46. Great post! So nice to get to 'meet' the real you! hmmm, about me. I don't have TV either and sometimes I really want to watch 'my' shows on the actual day they premiere, too. Like, The Biggest Loser. I know I'm going to find out who wins before I actually get to watch it online. I am a dog mom and one of my dogs has an auto-immune disorder and she has a lot of problems because of it. I worry about her A LOT. My other dog, the mutt, is the picture of health. My fiance is a chiropracter and is trying to find a job that will move him closer to his goal of owning his own practice, so we are working on updating his resume and scheduling interviews. Everything else kind of hangs in the balance, which is a little stressful, but exciting too. Anyway, that is just a little bit about me. Nice to meet you!


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