Friday, April 2, 2010

Someone Please Buy This Dress

Dear lord, someone please give this spectacular dress a lovely wedded home. If I remotely fit the vintage-sized measurements, I'd do it myself.

The dress is an authentic vintage piece from the 1920s/1930s currently onsale at Tavin, a glorious little vintage treasure chest in Los Angeles' Echo Park area. You can also find Tavin on etsy here (expect the dress to show up online shortly, if someone doesn't snag it due to her blog post about upcoming etsy goodies here.)

Please, someone, take it home.  I'm jealous of all your twirly wedding loveliness already.


  1. I'm sitting here drooling over a bunch of the stuff on the Tavin blog/etsy.

    Hmm, I wonder what the measurements are...

    (I should really padlock my wallet before I look at vintage prettiness)

  2. Pretty! I would probably shorten it a little.

  3. Beautiful, but there is no way that is a 1920s dress. And I have serious doubts about it being 1930s too. The waist is too high and I have never seen a strapless gown from the '30s. It just wasn't done yet. My educated guess is that it's a '50s dress.

  4. Agree, it's definitely 50s. I didn't even notice that it said that!

  5. @verhext and @ms bunny - how did I miss that too? The style seems obviously 50s, but I will check with the shop again. Regardless, it's gorgeous and some form of vintage gorgeousness.

  6. i *love* tavin...such a sweet shop & sweet woman. she wasn't open back when i got my dress, but if i were getting married this year, i'd definitely shop at tavin for my dress!


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