Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Musings at 11:30pm

I'm still at the office, waiting for feedback from my boss before jumping back into project work. Yes, it's 11:30pm at night. And yes, this may be my only break for the next few days.

Normally, I can manage intense periods of work-stress, which is helpful for my field. But tonight, I wish I was at home with Jason, dancing around the living room and cooing over baby pictures. Because one of my best friends in the world just had her first baby. I've known this woman since we were both five, and she's more a sister than a friend. And now, she and her husband have a 4-hour-old baby boy. Since she lives in another state now, I can't visit her in the hospital or help take care of her and her husband as they adjust, but it's still hard being trapped at the office when I really want to shove my face in my kitties tummies and celebrate life and cuteness and family.

So, since I can't call or help my friend, can't call my Mom to get all weepy and excited, and can't dance with Jason in our living room about cute baby pictures, I'm going to post pictures of our kitties instead. Because I wish I was home with them right now, noming their fuzzy bellies and getting all schmoopy about babies and families and love, instead of waiting for document revisions at 11:30pm.

Liz Lemon


Also, this is my way of apologizing for going MIA. It may be a sporadic few weeks, but I figured cute kittens and heartfelt explanations generally make things better. See you back here whenever this madness finally ends.


  1. you'll be missed.

    And I hope you get overtime or something. Cha-ching.

  2. Congratulations to your friends and their new little love. I hope you get to see them soon :)

  3. Take your time. Love the photos of the furry ones.

  4. we'll miss ya, B. Keep kicking ass at work. And congrats to your friends :)

  5. Feeling your pain! Oh and can I come and snuggle with your kitties too. Congrats to your friend - HUGS

  6. Liz and Laila are too freckin cute. Hope you get some time to visit with your friends and their little bean soon.


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