Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Honor of DC's Step Forward

After yesterday, I just wanted an easy and massive smile.  This very much fits the bill.

UPDATE: Boo. the YouTube video is now private and not working. But it was the cutest little boy talking about how he'd never met a husband and husband before, just husband and wife.  And then, as he wrapped his head around what it all meant, he simply asked the husband and husband to go play ping pong.

Simple as that.


  1. Love it. We should all be like that. Lets go play ping pong.

  2. That reminds me of the This American Life story of Dan Savage's son and his opposition to and finally embracement of his dads getting married. So adorable.

    Seriously, if the little ones get it, why can't we all?

  3. I can't see it! Youtube is now saying the video is private =(

  4. I watched the video a couple times after you posted it - kids have it all figured out sometimes, seriously.

  5. This is such awsome news for DC and surrounding states! I wish I could see the video, it sounds super cute.

  6. YAY for DC!!! Wish I could see the video!


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