Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wedding Dresses - Amanda Archer

After this week's Big Deep Thoughts, I needed to step back a bit from the frustration. So I thought I'd finally get around to sharing some of the pretty and (relatively) inexpensive wedding dresses resources that I've collected during my research, all from designers and stores that I'd be happy to support*.

Amanda Archer

Multiple women over at Kvetch and Offbeat Bride have raved about their experiences working with San Francisco-based designer Amanda Archer. Her overall design sensibility tends towards the simple, with some bold choices in detailing. Her current line focuses on special occasion dresses and non-traditional bridal. All the brides recommending her gushed about her craftsmanship and quality.  Via her esty store and blog, I've come to appreciate her range of style options from her line and completely custom designs (see some of her past brides wearing a complete mix of stunning custom dresses here under "weddings"). I also especially appreciate her incredible prices.  Enjoy.

A Very Important Date dress for $425 ($650 for silk).

Her English Rose dress with this striking lace is also $425

Custom design with french lace and silk, v-neck front and back,. Finished with beaded flower appliques of pearls and swarovski crystals

Bridesmaids in her sky-blue pleated collar dress ($200 - a bit steep for 'maids, but it can also be made in white or ivory...)

This is a fancified version of the pleated collar dress... with ruffles and eyelet instead.  $250. 

Honestly, if I didn't have a dress already, I'd seriously consider getting the "A Very Important Date" dress.  I'm loving that touch of vintage lace on the bodice and the tulle underneath.  And I could rock the dress and buy an amazing pair of wear-again rockstar shoes without worrying about blowing my budget on attire.

*This is not a sponsored post.  I've just spent too much time researching wedding stuff and hope that my obsessive googling can help someone else. 


  1. I love Amanda Archers dresses, that last dress pictures is my favorite so far in her collection.

  2. amazing! where were thses when I was looking? ha ha. I am very happy with the dress I bought though!

  3. They’re gorgeous, especially the “A Very Important Date” dress!

  4. *raising hand*

    Yeah. Your obsessive Googling will definitely help someone else. Someone like me.

  5. Oooo! I love that first one. I originally wanted to go with a short, more casual dress. You could definitly wear those all again, unlike the giant satin situation currently hibernating in my guest room.

  6. Those blue bridesmaid dresses are to die for!

  7. Searching for the right dress is like finding needle in a crazy haystack. It is crazy how much a dress can cost nowadays. : )

  8. those dresses are gorgeous, and i love the aqua blue and red theme.


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