Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vegas Baby - "How I Got Married on the Cheap"

As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of sensible financial planning and, over the last few years, I've really worked to put my finances in order.  This is why, even though the $20,000 budget estimate for my wedding makes me choke a bit (and we're working to lower it all the time) it's ultimately going to be okay.  By the time time the wedding rolls around, I'll have been saving for three years towards this and various other goals.  It will be okay and I will NOT go into debt or interrupt more important savings plans like my emergency fund, my vacation fund or my future house fund. (hahahahaha. I have a future house fund but I live in Los Angeles.  Owning a house is still a ten-year pipe dream, at least.) 

My road to financial health has included reading a lot of personal finance sites, with my favorite being Get Rich Slowly. Sometimes personal finance sites highlight great cheap wedding options, but often from the viewpoint that spending any money on a wedding is a waste.  Needless to say, I often find wedding articles and comments on personal finance sites irritating as all heck (and the comments are generally of the smug "I only spent $1000 and this is why I'm better than you" variety), since I don't have the luxury of a small wedding and since I advocate using frugality as a means to finance the things that matter to you. A wedding matters to me, so we're spending some money to make it happen. 

But Get Rich Slowly is different - I think it really respects its readers and respects the idea of using personal finance as a tool, while highlighting frugal options and tools for conscious living and conscious spending.  So when today's post was a reader-submitted story of their frugal Vegas wedding, it actually made me smile.  And after all the Big Thoughts and stress of the last week, it got back to what was important about the wedding and the day, with a process that worked well for the couple in the post. It wouldn't work for me and it wouldn't work for everyone, but it's nice to be reminded of something outside the framework of my ceremony-reception planning.

And we all know I love a good Vegas wedding and elopement.


  1. OMFG did you see the comments on that story? All those people with their cheap weddings? I am so damn jealous. I wish we were having a cheaper wedding, but I am too addicted to overpriced, ghettofab STUFF. If anything, I would spend MORE on this damn party if I comfortable could.

    It's a damn tilt-a-whirl.

    And.... GO VEGAS!

  2. Wedding planning competitiveness IMO can be MORE detrimental in the other direction (how little did you spend). I couldn't compete with that, not a Manhattan wedding for 150-200 people.

    I totally agree - the wedding matters to me too so I did have a rocking party.

    I do admire those people that can have a Vegas wedding and so much fun with that.

    You know what, I've already told Mr. Gadget that we'll have a nice house in the suburbs with a great yard so our kids can choose to get married there. Long term planning huh? He said I was nuts and who knows if our kids would want that, but I just wanted to have the option for our family to have a great party at home. That and I would love a nice, huge yard some day.

  3. Vegas... who doesn't love vegas!? If i eloped... definitely to vegas. no doubt.

  4. Wish we had eloped to Vegas.....


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