Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Damn Wedding

I'm still holed up in the recesses of my office, where I've been for the last two weeks straight (weekends inclusive), which helps explain my recent lack of posting.  But while here, trying to stay away from the end of my rope, I found something over at Another Damn Wedding that helped.  Perhaps it didn't help with my deadline-related frustration, but at least it helped me laugh off the silly wedding-related frustrations for a minute or two. 


Folks, there's so much more where that came from, because Lyn decided to have real fun with a scanner, ridiculous bridal ads, and her own amusing take on the wedding bs. So, until I unbury myself from this pile of work, get yourself over and enjoy the awesome results of Lyn's efforts.  And don't say I never gave you anything.  


  1. HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE GENIUS. I have to go check out the rest of her blog. :)

  2. hahah, i love my invisible centerpieces is awesome.

  3. Invisible center pieces - snort...


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