Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weddings that Make Me Smile: One Barefoot Bride

I've been following Elizabeth's journey over at One Barefoot Bride for a few months now.  Her matter-of-fact approach to sustainability, simplicity and stylish-but-conscious decisions is so similar to our own thoughts about green weddings that her blog really resonates for me. And while I was filled with joy upon hearing about her wedding, the recent photos from Kate Harrison completely blew me away. In fact, they were mind-blowing enough that Green Wedding Shoes picked them up for a feature earlier this week.

There's no disputing the art, beauty and joy in these photos.  But the part that really makes my heart well up is knowing that Elizabeth managed so many of the same wedding struggles I'm dealing with now - marrying in an expensive region of the country, ethics, sustainability, trying to ignore the WIC and the indie-wedding pressures alike - and she came out of it with a day of such complete perfection that even Green Wedding Shoes wanted to feature her celebration.  These photos are a tangible reminder that what I'm striving for is attainable - not the blog feature, but the undeniable essence of the day itself.  And it's a reminder that if I do it my way, it will be undeniably beautiful as well.

And, as if all that weren't enough, Elizabeth and Eric's wedding may have an even longer-term effect on the sustainability practices that regularly inspire them: after their wedding, photographer Kate Harrison was inspired to introduce her new Bee Green discount for couples that incorporate five eco-conscious elements into their weddings.  In other words, the way we wed matters, and I'm reminded again that we're on a path that's right for us.


  1. Many of my clients can learn volumes from the sage words you've shared here on your blog. You go girl!

  2. What a great story! And I love the photogs response! Good for her for passing it forward!

  3. Yes, yes, yes.

    And of course, you can do it. The only standards we need to live up to our own.

  4. So pretty. And so glad you feel encouraged by the blog world and the wedding vendor industry.

  5. Wow! This is such a sweet post! I am so honored that you've found inspiration in our wedding. I really do believe that if you are true to yourselves, that joy and clarity will put the most beautiful sheen on the entire day. Let your inspiration run free!

  6. Bravo! Even better when people sit up, take notice, and change to encourage more good behavior.


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