Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Introducing J

I'm pretty much moving into my office this week for a few major deadlines and don't have time to write.  However, instead of leaving you for a week without new content, my incredible partner J will be filling in with posts about his own perspective on this wedding and marriage process.  We've been talking about having him guest post for a while, but this week was a great opportunity for him to jump in and also help me out (which is what true partnership is all about, after all.)  I could tell you a bit around his background and who he is, but I'd rather let him tell his own story, from his own perspective, about whatever wedding and marriage related topics he wants to tackle.  He'll be around all week (and hopefully he'll pop back again from time to time), so feel free to ask any groom-related (or other) burning questions you have in the comments, or by emailing them to alosangeleslove [at] gmail [dot] com.

And now, please welcome Jason - previously referred to as J - here at A Los Angeles Love.

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  1. yay for jason! (i'm getting mike to blog too! lol)


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