Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

Winter has definitely arrived, even to Los Angeles.  And although the rain is a cold inconvenience, it also makes me appreciate the small, snuggleable moments that much more.  I think about how my brother will be visiting next week during his break from school.  I think about my family's annual Christmas caroling party.  I think about how our cat Liz Lemon is getting more and more curious about exploring my lap at night.  I think about having  Hanukkah latkes tonight.  I think about how happy I am that you've all welcomed Jason this week while I've been MIA at the office. I think about how this partnership thing is really special, and I can't wait to come home tonight and savor it for a bit before we dash out again to see Up in the Air.

And because it's truly cold enough for worthwhile hot chocolate indulgences and comfort food evenings, I'll leave you all with my favorite rendition of Baby it's Cold Outside, featuring Tom Jones and Cerys (from the 90s Welsh group Catatonia.) I used to play this song for my students each winter and it always makes me think of the Holiday season with a smile. 

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. i've been singing that song the entire day! stay warm and enjoy the snuggly moments :)

  2. The best idea I've had this week was steaming milk with Godiva hot chocolate.

  3. aww this post made me feel all warm n fuzzy! and anything with tom jones in it is A-okay in my book!

  4. The hot chocolate picture on the link is to die for, I want to take a picture of it and then slurp it up!

    The Temptations "A Night Before Christmas" makes me think of the holiday season, ah memories.

  5. Oh I love that version! I love her voice! Baby it is cold outside!

  6. this song has been in my head all day since this ;-) although i think i still prefer the louis armstrong version.


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