Friday, December 18, 2009

Awesome Commenters

Two of my favorite wedding blog ladies had their first encounters with inappropriately mean comments this week.   Sigh.  Even if we don't agree with them, can't we agree to be respectful about our disagreement?  Regarding the etiquette firebombing that went on over at Cupcake Wedding, can't we just accept that she's an adult who understands the consequences of her own decisions and, therefore, as adults we can agree to disagree and move on?  Sheesh.

So, in the spirit of celebrating awesome commenters on blogs instead of trolls and other insensitive folks, I decided to savor two great comments (from among the many and much appreciated) this week here at A Los Angeles Love. These comments made me choke on my coffee, in the best way possible, and that's the sort of moment we can all appreciate. 

"When do you have time to change? I mean, really? My wedding went by so freakin' fast, I barely had time to pee, much less change into another dress."
-The Thirty-Something Bride, discussing brides who wear multiple wedding dresses

"The point is, this is someone you love enough to put up with all their bad. And they put up with all your bad. And then you get to do crazy things, like be messy and gross in front of each other and still think the other is hot. It's an amazing thing."
-Cupcake Wedding, discussing marriage

Yeah.  I hope you all choked a bit on your coffee too.  Happy Friday, and here's to a weekend without trolls and that's full of awesomeness.


  1. I read those comments on A Cupcake Wedding what was up with that anonymous person?

    These two comments you posted were great to read. Funny and sweet.

  2. i know! i really wonder what's wrong with some people.

    loved the comments thirty-something & cupcake left u. both things they wrote are sooo true!

    happy weekend :)

  3. I loved those comments you highlighted!

    I don't know why some people feel such a need to broadcast their negativity...I'm all for mature and respectful disagreements, but if those commenters have such a big problem then they need to go read the Miss-Stick-Up-Her-Butt blog or some happy-happy-sunshine-rainbows-blog. Seriously, if they don't like it, then leave, it's simple!

  4. Thank you! I was kind of feeling over blogging after this week. You are amazing.

  5. Cupcake's comment made me so happy. Totally true.

  6. hahah, those comments were great. i feel like this is totally the case with me this week. (i have the flu and am a phlegmy nasty mess. :)

    "And then you get to do crazy things, like be messy and gross in front of each other and still think the other is hot."

  7. Comments are my favorite part of blogging, but the nasties are just no fun. Cupcake and Thirty-Something's comments are right on.

  8. Love both those comments. I wanted to smack that person on Cupcakes blog - seriously - why read it if you hate it. Sheesh

  9. Here's to a while longer of loveliness!

  10. I missed out on the whole Cupcake thing...I feel bad I've been struggling to keep with all the blogs I love to read this month :( But I did chat with Bowie a bit about her commenter. Those people just need to be deleted and don't even deserve a response. As you said, I don't agree with everything the blog writers post on every blog I follow but I am respectful enough to know when to just not say anything or at least share an honest thought of my own opinion with some courtesy and understanding that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :)

  11. AW! Thanks for the shout out, lady! Cupcake got it hard and I feel bad for her, but mostly worried (which I already shared with her). It sounds like her stress level is high. I posted some bad crap when I reached my breaking point and it backfired on me BIG TIME (mostly with my family - yikes!). Seems the same happened for her too. Although, she seems like a tough cookie and can handle it!
    However, anonymous snarkiness is really and truly uncalled for. If you're gonna be a bitch - own up to it. Yo.

    P.S. The girl-crush? Totally mutual.

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  13. Bravo. These blogs are our personal opinions and we make ourselves open and vulnerable as we detail our weddings, problems, hopes, and of course lives.

    Boo to haters. Unfortunately I pulled back from personal opinions on my blog and am still cautious and moderate comments, but it's ok to be constructive but NOT to be rude - come on people GROW UP!


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