Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Succulent Hair Flower, Succulent Florals, and Bundt Cake, Oh My!

Ok, I never do this, but WOW.  Did this Green Wedding Shoes-featured wedding just read my mind? 

Succulent hair flower?  Check.

Eclectic live succulent centerpieces (which I haven't discussed much yet but we are planning on)? Check.

Bundt cake? Check.

I am having far too much fun tossing tradition and figuring out my own personal awesome, and I love when other people do the same. Also, when I see well executed non-traditional weddings, I feel vindicated (and my mother gets just a little bit more on board with my wedding choices.) Again, we all know the decor is entirely unimportant, but I love the implied willingness to question this-is-how-it's-done traditions and select inexpensive chic options instead (or to nix them altogether, whatever works for you.) Because really, decor and so-called traditions aside, this is what's important:

Yes, please. 


  1. Hehe... I totally emailed this to myself for inspiration. LOVE!

  2. I totally thought of you when I saw this. Wait till you see your boards! I'm sending them off tonight.

  3. yes! i thought about you too when i saw this wedding! i love it. everything. LOVE.

  4. It's so great to see couples truly represent themselves in their event and not just give in to tradition and what's expected. I love things like this...though not my style per se, I totally respect the brides (and grooms) who can pull this stuff off. :)

  5. Ooh bundt cake - brilliant! I love the look of succulents for outdoor weddings. Do it!

  6. wow those cakes topped with succulents look like artwork! you know, i had never heard of succulents before i got interested in weddings. maybe it is just because they are more popular in hot desert climates?

  7. Julia - we are obsessed with native plants and having a sustainable garden (of course, first we need a house with a garden, but that's besides the point. Until then, we have window herbs and container-grown tomatoes.) Succulents are gorgeous, and come in so many shapes and colors and textures here in the Southwest U.S. The first time I saw a succulent-decor wedding we knew we had to incorporate them somehow.


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