Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pie for Breakfast

Usually I wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to eat sugary deliciousness for breakfast.  But I don't usually have home-baked pie in the fridge either.  Clarification - home-baked pie made by yours truly.  This is my first pie ever, because the preciseness of baking has always been a little intimidating (I'm, um, a creative cook.)  But I made it, little leaves and apple decor included, and it is delicious.  And really, if we don't eat it this week it's just going to go bad by the time I get back from Texas on Sunday night. 

My only justification for pie-for-breakfast is that I walked 17 miles on Saturday and that it's delicious.  And that is good enough for me. 


  1. Hi there! I just launched my new wedding-planning blog a few days ago and am having a great time reading yours! I’m from the Los Angeles area myself (Thousand Oaks), even though I’m living in D.C. now. We’re getting married in Thousand Oaks during June 2010. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. hey it has apples in it - that's what makes me count pie as healthy enough for breakfast.
    17 miles...wow that is a long walk. my legs would have fallen off (i have old lady hips).

  3. I tend to stick to the traditional breakfast items but really often think that I should be eating pizza, pie and soup for breakfast sometimes. :) More power to ya, girl!

  4. 1. No need to defend eating yummy food over healthy stuff. It happens and usually for a good reason.

    2. That is an impressive looking pie, lady. Martha Stewart, watch your back!

  5. J here. Becca inspired me, and I had a slice of pie for breakfast as well. It is DELISH. I'm a lucky man...

  6. Can I get some pie for breakfast? That looks yum! And home made? Can't beat that. No matter what time of day it is!


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