Thursday, November 12, 2009

NWR: Help Me Shop for Winter Dresses

One of the issues with being a reformed wasteful spender is that I still have moments of wantwantwantmustbuyEVERYTHINGnow.  Today, one of those moments hit.  Fortunately, I am a reformed wasteful spender, so I'm trying to edit down my desires into something reasonable that meets my actual needs.  I "need/have been planning to buy" dresses for the following occasions:
  • Thanksgiving at J's family home in Houston.  It's not formal and it's not jeans, so I'd like a versatile nice-but-casual vibe.
  • Work-appropriate holiday party outfit.  This outfit will do double-duty at my family's holiday party too.  It needs to be festive but relatively demure and also have post-holiday utility. 
  • J and my holiday party.  This should be neither fancy nor demure.  I'm going for generally awesome and re-wearable. 
  • General winter wardrobe.  I prefer that my outfits do double duty for work and play, if at all possible.  I've been looking for sweater dresses/belted sweaters this year in brick-and-mortar stores without much luck. 
Unfortunately, I fell in love with far too many options at ModCloth and I need your editing assistance.  (At least I fell in love with something, since last weekend's mall shopping trip was a complete bust.) Let's also keep in mind that I'm still working on defining a reasonable personal style, so I very much appreciate outside opinions, especially from a blogosphere that's significantly more stylish than I am.  So help me, please, with selecting four outfits.  

This could be post-Thanksgiving appropriate, work appropriate and winter casual appropriate, right? I'm thinking I can style it with belts, tights, jeans, cute pumps or boots for full versatility. 

It's a skirt and a top (already versatile).  With a blazer and pumps I could absolutely wear this to work.  With cute flats this could be great for casual around-town.  Could it also work for Thanksgiving?  If so, how?

Work-appropriate, obviously.  It's not versatile at all, but it's definitely client-appropriate.  I'm trying to figure out what sort of blazer might match.

I'm thinking of this dress for the office holiday party and my parents' holiday party, worn with killer heels (possibly red.)  Can you guys give me any style tips to make this more versatile? 

I was thinking of this dress for my and J's holiday party with black tights, long beads, and colorful flats.  I really wish I had brown cowboy boots for this dress, but I don't.  I was also thinking this could work for Thanksgiving.  Thoughts?  I'm more insecure about compiling boho looks than I am about compiling work-appropriate looks.

Guys, I have no excuse for putting these dresses on the shopping list.  I just like them.  They are colorful and pretty and I apparently miss Spring.  I also think they'd make excellent engagement photo or engagement party dresses.  I am absurd, and need to be talked down. 

Thoughts?  Opinions on which four you'd buy?  Opinions on accessories?  Opinions on my (lack of) style?


  1. i don't think you have a lack of style. if anything you have more style than me. because i wouldn't even think to buy anything special for occasions like the ones you mentioned above, i'd just pull something or other out of my closet and not really care what i look like. but these dresses are all so cute, it's making me wish i cared enough to get dolled up sometimes...i think the slouchy gray dress and the boho dress are my faves here.

  2. Oh, I do love virtual shopping... my own or other people's! My faves are the boho dress (can you find some boots on ebay or thrift store?), and the yellow dress, which is of course ridiculously out of season, but worth getting and holding on to... Not such a fan of the blue & grey - it strikes me as matronly. yikes!

  3. Girl, you have style! It's an evolving that is constantly being refined. Love the black, purple, and taupe dresses! Oh the last one makes 4!

    Dresses are a necessity (dress it up or down with cardigans or accessories).

    I love accessories, but don't have that many. Think hairpieces, scarves, or necklaces for the impact items.

  4. I LOVE the black one with the key hole top. You could easily add a sash, a flower pin (I'll make you one!) or a cardigan to make it more versatile. Also love the skirt and shirt one, so cute!

  5. I like all of them except for the yellow one, but only because that yellow would look horrible with my skin color. My favs are the first one and the boho look.

  6. That first dress is the big winner for me. But the little black dress with the ruffles is divine. Stick a cardigan and some tights on with that puppy and you are work and family appropriate.

    Also, OF COURSE, I would love love love to make you an inspiration board. Give me more details. :)

  7. I love you ladies. I ordered 1,3,4 and 5. Now we'll see how they fit in a week and a half!

  8. I love the first one, mainly because it is so versatile! I have a similar sweater dress that I bought at Banana Repulic a few years ago. I wear it with a belt and skinny jeans to make it casual, with patterned tights and boots for a dressier option, and simply with a pair of metallic t-straps for a night out on the town! I love that darn thing to death!

  9. Hi Los Angeles Love,
    Thanks for featuring our dresses on your blog! You have picked some really adorable ones! I like that you're already thinking of other places to wear them. :) I hope you're happy with your purchase!
    <3 Aire


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