Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inspiration Boards and Inspiring Vendors

After my post last week about Sweet Emilia Jane's new event coordination and baking business venture, we got to emailing, and I'm excited to announce that J and I will be hiring Emilia Jane as our Day of Coordinator!  For us, we've prioritized focusing on the marriage and celebration and not on vendor tips and cake table set ups on our wedding day (and I don't feel comfortable asking a friend or family member).  And it's also important to us that we use our money in a way that matters, to support businesses, artists and people we believe in.  And so, we are thrilled to be working with Emilia, and every email with her further confirms that we made the right decision.

Our first order of business (oh, who am I kidding - it was fun all the way) was an inspiration board to rein in all my messy ideas about decor.  I was looking for sustainable, simple, inexpensive, colorful, textured and stylish (along with a ton of other things) and Emilia Jane really helped edit down my mishmash into two inspiration boards. Yeah, my mishmash was too awesome to be contained on just one board.  (Either that, or my thoughts weren't stylistically coherent enough, but I choose to believe in the awesome.)

So, without further ado, here are my two Southern-California, bold-color, sustainable-chic inspiration boards to help guide me on my thrift store adventures. J and I lovelovelove the color palette from the second board and will be liberally stealing elements from them both.

LAL #1

Credits: bethhelmstetterblog, style me pretty, Veiled Vows, A Backyard Wedding, stylemepretty, yes, please blog, designspongeonline

LAL #2

Credits: wedding whims (3), martha stewart, wordpress, Gemma Commas

For all you ladies who have unsuccessfully attempted the Martha pom poms (getting that signature poof is harder than you'd think. At least, that was my impression at Akbar's craft night.  Or perhaps that was just the cocktails talking...) how much do you LOVE these pinwheels?!  Easy, colorful, structured, travels well to the venue, did I mention easy, and DO YOU SEE THAT FIREPLACE?!  We have a fireplace too, so I am doubly thrilled.

For anyone interested in talking with Emilia Jane about making you a custom inspiration board too, check out more information here.  And for anyone interested in talking with Emilia Jane about your wedding planning or baking needs, go visit Sweet Emilia Jane.

Edit: I fixed the link to Sweet Emilia Jane's Inspiration Board info. It should be working now.


  1. Great post! I think we're dialed in today- I'm just writing a post about our photographer hunt and the mantra that keeps running through my head is, "put your money where your mouth is." OR be really super happy with the awesome artists and craftspeople who you are CHOOSING to give your $$ to in order to create something awesome!
    AND I'm definitely looking into Emilia Jane!

  2. Yay!!! It's going to be so wonderful to have Emilia Jane take care of all the logistics the day of so you don't have to worry. And the inspiration boards look great, you already know how much I love bold beautiful colors.
    Kudos to Emilia Jane for launching her business too! If we weren't getting married on the same day I'd totally hit her up for some of those yummy looking cupcakes. =)

  3. GORGEOUS inspiration board. Oh my. And those pinwheels have rendered me speecheless. Not an easy feat, let me tell you. Excited for you!

  4. Wowzer. Looks great.

    And I'm so excited for you and Emilia Jane. What an amazing team.

  5. i am so excited you and J, and emilia!! congrats! and the boards are just absolutely dreamy. rustic, but with color. LOVE.

  6. Score! I loved my day of planner. A must-have.

  7. Great! We have a day of as well, I think it will be so worth it.

  8. I am so happy to see bold colors! I love colorful weddings and those inspiration boards are beuatiful! Looking forward to seeing what you steal! :)
    Thanks for the congrats. I am still entering you in the giveaway tho :) If you win you can pass it on to someone else


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