Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Things Happening for Good People

It warmed my heart to pieces to see Erin Ever After's wedding photos hit the blogosphere today on a Once Wed triple feature. The wedding was beautiful, Corbin Grukin's photography was beautiful and, most importantly, the couple looked happy and joyful in their love.

Speaking of joy, this wedding also made me warm and fuzzy because the marvelous Emilia Jane (of the inimitable blogs Auburn & Ivory and Veiled Vows) finally stepped into the spotlight with her new event coordination and baking venture, Sweet Emilia Jane.  She baked all the cupcakes and was the day-of-coordinator for Erin and Chuck's wedding.

Cupcakes by Sweet Emilia Jane

SoCal (and other) brides take note: Emilia Jane has style and substance, and I love visiting her sites for inspiration and smiles (wedding and non-wedding related alike.)  She mixes her great aesthetic eye with the DIY/shoestring budget realities we're all dealing with and ends up with lovely finds like stylish keg cozies, vintage woodsy wedding charm, and unexpected venue options.

I'm all about practical Day-of-Coordinator assistance on my wedding day, cake alternatives, practical and budget-friendly choices, and supporting vendors I like and respect.  How great is it that Emilia Jane has all four aspects covered already (not to mention the Pretty, which she obviously excels at too.) Since she's just starting out on her own and just starting to get featured on Once Wed, and because she knows what it's like to be a lower-budget bride, my fingers are crossed that we'll be pleasantly surprised about her pricing.

I like it when good things happen for good people.  And I like great vendor options.  I just had to share. 


  1. I second everything you wrote! I just discovered miss Emilia Jane's new blog today and am so excited for her. You should totally inquire about her services - I see your visions working in harmony fo sho. DOC news must be in the air because i found a gal through a friend who is launching her DOC business full time and is taking on new clients at a we've been in contact and i think we're going to make something work! so exciting. Cheers to finding people to keep us sane on our wedding day!

  2. Emilia is my hero! I would have been a wreck without her coordinating our big day and the cupcakes...oh the cupcakes. She is absolutely the best. Thanks for the love xoxo

  3. You are the sweetest!!! I feel so warm and fuzzy! Thank you for your kind words. I believe that everyone deserves a fantastic and stress-free day no matter what their budget. I am happy to chat with any couple about what they can and can't do and make it work! XOXO!

  4. wow! you've just summed up everything in my head about the importance and awesomeness of a good (but affordable, maybe?) DOC. And Emilia's blog is super awesomeness! This is one of the last big, howthehellarewegonnapullthisoff items on my list and I'm definitely gonna be inquiring! :) thanks a bunch! and thanks for your awesome encouragement on my debbie downer post too! lol. :)


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