Friday, November 20, 2009

Get Out: Weekend Fun for Nov 20-22

I'm stupid excited about my plans for this weekend.  For those of you in Los Angeles who have an entire Saturday to spare, you may want to consider joining me at the Great Los Angeles Walk, an annual event organized by the folks over at the excellent local blog Franklin Avenue. J and I will be joining approximately 150 other people to walk from Downtown(ish) to the beach, geeking out about LA history and culture along the way.  From the website:
In 2006, we hiked down Wilshire. In 2007, it was Pico. And in 2008, we started at Sunset before walking the entire length of Santa Monica Blvd.

This year, we're heading south -- and once again diving into the history of Los Angeles. This year, we hit the ex-presidents: Washington and Adams.

The route will take us past some of L.A.'s most beautiful historic places -- such as the Automobile Club of Southern California headquarters, the Golden State Mutual Life headquarters, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Roman Catholic church and much more. There's even Ray Charles' old recording studio. And then there's the collection of historic homes along West Adams.
We'll be walking a mix of Adams and Washington -- until we get to Culver City, where we'll have lunch and then exclusively hike the rest of Washington Blvd. all the way to Venice Beach.
Interested?  The group will be meeting at the Shrine Auditorium tomorrow, November 21, ready to leave by 9:30 a.m.  We'll get lunch in the Mid-City area long the way and ending up in Venice at the Baja Cantina.  This is an LA nerd's dream: the opportunity to explore history, architecture and culture outside our typical local bars and restaurants.  I also have to admit to a ridiculous enjoyment of exploring new cities by foot (the first thing I do after arriving anywhere it hoof it for hours without any purpose in mind).  Find out more at the FAQ page here.

And on Sunday, I'm attending an event at Jennie Cooks Catering (she's an affordable sustainable local caterer I've heard great things about) with local brews, lunch and pie baking.  That's right, I'm going to attempt to bake my first pie. I'm thinking of apple. Interested?  Find out more here.

In between, I'll also manage some karaoke and some shopping for Thanksgiving decor, and we're preparing the house for our new rescue cat (more on that later.)

And how about you ladies, any exciting plans this weekend?


  1. downtown to the beach ON FOOT?! whew! it seems crazy but i'm sure it will be so freaking cool AND totally worth it. and please, please share your adventure with us!

  2. wow i agree with BB! on foot??? i'm impressed! have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Wow, sounds like a freaking awesome weekend. Pie recaps please. :)

  4. wow. best weekend ever! hope your enjoying many celebratory margaritas now! :)

  5. That sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to here about how it went.


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