Sunday, November 15, 2009

Contest Opportunities

I don't usually post about all the great contest opportunities for free wedding stuff that come across my path, because I have to really like/want something myself if I'm willing to mention it to my readers.  Well, this week I got pretty darn excited about two little options that I had to share: 

I think I've mentioned my love of travel before. Like, I'm dreaming now about the honeymoon and it (almost) makes me happier than the wedding.  But when I see all the cute-outfit planning for honeymoons it drives me batty, since all my spare money right now is going to the wedding and not to some amazing tropical getup.  Enter: the honeymoon giveaway.  InStyle Weddings and are teaming up to give one lucky couple a $1,000 honeymoon shopping spree on  All you need to do is email your best wedding shopping strategy to (and I know you budget savvy ladies have a few smart shopping ideas.) Go here for more information on rules and more information.  The contest ends December 4, so put your shopping tip thinking caps on now.

You guys remember my little rant about floral invitation designs, right? And how I mentioned my love for affordable and gorgeous invitation designs from places like Printable Press, right (she offers great floral and non-floral options alike)? Well, Kimi of Printable Press is currently offering an amazing giveaway opportunity over at Souris Mariage. (side note: if you haven't visited Souris Mariage, you should really visit Mouse's whimsical site about planning her wedding and other general wedding loveliness.) Printable Press already offers incredible design options for couples on a tight budget, and now she's offering to design an entirely new invitation, based on your specific wedding look and feel, for one lucky winner. The winner's design will become part of the Printable Press catalog and the winner will receive a free invitation design.  How amazing is that?  What are you waiting for?  Head over to Souris Mariage for more information and to enter now!

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  1. Hooray! Kimi's designs are the BEST and she is great to work with: totally detail-oriented and insistent on getting everything right. I loved the invitations she did for us!


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