Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wishing I Were More Rock and Roll

I'm unbelievably excited about our developing plans for a rustic blowout bash, but part of me definitely wishes we could (also) have an urban loft all night dance party wedding. Or that we were badass enough to pull of a surprise wedding with a dance party that looks like an urban loft all night extravaganza (even if it happened in a Costa Mesa backyard).

So, do you think we can get this rock and roll style in a brick building set in the Malibu Canyons? We've never been the cool kids, but we like to party like them, so maybe our energy can fool everyone for the night?  And maybe Feather Love Photography can capture us getting down with complete club-style revelry too?

I love Noa's photos.  It's like the wedding dance party joy is bursting out of each photo.


  1. oh, totally. I think that urban hip thing is all about the right lighting and accessories. (ie. lanterns in the photos) It might mean some rentals, but you have enough time, so if you know the look, you can create it anywhere. I'm more taken with the inked bride. I'm inked too, but mine won't show like hers does, and man, that skull up against that dress. Right on.

  2. I just realized the bride and I have the same wedding dress, though I don't have any ink to show off against it, so it probably won't look as cool on me. But I'm happy to see that the dress looks great in photos and she looks gorgeous! I love the idea of a surprise wedding!

  3. The ink is amazing, right? Yeah, the coolness factor at my own wedding just dropped exponentially because of the lack-of-ink. Oh well.

    Cape Cod - Nice! That dress is great, with or without rockstar tats. And aren't you getting married in the mid of MA winter? Get a rockstar shrug instead (I only advocate buying more stuff because it's going to be cold, darnit. Cold and pretty. There's something great about Cape Cod in the off-season)


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