Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Pie, and other Amazingness

I am so darn excited about today’s post, even if it falls well outside the Los Angeles area.  Great ideas are great ideas, especially when they add one more delicious dessert option in my non-wedding cake inspiration file. When I saw Tara’s photos of these pies, I nearly fell out of my seat with sheer longing (for the pies and for the amazing pie toppers).  I am absolutely in love with the personal, creative, fun, budget-conscious way in which Tara and Andy simultaneously solved their dessert, centerpiece and cake topper questions all at once. 

Pies, an Ebay search for figurines and toys, a little bit of tulle and glue, and voila!  Every table suddenly had a delicious, unbelievably cute, centerpiece.




Have I mentioned how much I love pie?  Like, Thanksgiving is nearly my favorite holiday, simply because of the pie. And since I’ve never thought a cake topper was of any particular decorative or symbolic importance for us, I can completely get behind the idea of using sweet and silly toys for toppers/centerpieces instead. This is a delicious, eco-friendly, simple, fun centerpiece idea I can definitely get behind.  I might also add that that the rest of their New Hampshire camp/cabin destination wedding at an apple orchard filled me with nearly as much longing as the pies.

  outdoor group aerobics class the morning of the wedding


reception hall, pre-pies and pre-barbecue catering

reception hall barn

Literally "taking the plunge" at the end of the night

(All pie and wedding photos from NYC-based Liesl Henrichsen Photography)

I think I officially have a new favorite wedding ever. A weekend camping or cabin destination wedding really isn't in our cards, so I'll just have to work on recapturing the beauty, simplicity, and feelings from Tara and Andy's incredible wedding within our own wedding context. They also planned my dream honeymoon - an around-the-world trip. They arranged to save and quit their jobs following the wedding for a round-the-world adventure. Oh my, they have the wedding, the wedding pie, and the honeymoon I've always dreamed of.  Check out more of their honeymoon adventures at


  1. A trip around the world for a honeymoon! they are my idols! We wanted to re create a weekend/destination wedding too, my fav part of those weddings is that you get to be with the people all weekend instead of just for 8 hours.

  2. PIE!! We considered doing pie too, it got thrown into our dessert idea pile. The little cake toppers are too cute, what a fun wedding.

  3. i love love love weekend camping weddings. i'm not a fan of pie myself but those are smart centerpieces.

  4. yes yes yes and more yes. the big lebowski (mike and my fave movie) is now manufacturing figurines and i'm seriously entertaining the thought of using them for dessert toppers. i'll put a top hat on the dude, and a veil on maude of course...

    and wow-- i wish we could just say eff it all, quit our jobs and take off for a trip around the world! that would be the ultimate. what a rad couple.

  5. PIE! Oh man that's awesome. I love Cherry pie and Apple pie. And berry pie. All pie really. I have never camped in my life, but a wedding in an orchard for the weekend would be really special.

  6. pie in lieu of cake is such a fun idea :) i love the cake toppers you posted. kermit and miss piggy, legos, smurfs, lady and the tramp, all bring back memories of my favorite kid shows/toys. for cake toppers i used hello kitty!

  7. Thanks for the hot tip on the pie topper, my fellow pie bride! ROCKIN' it as usual!


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