Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too Bad Hotel Bonfires are a No-No

So I know my campsite weekend wedding dreams are impossible, but I really wish hotels permitted bonfires.

Just saying.  Smores and weddings sound divine. 


  1. i thought the same exact thing when i saw this. and the peace sign on the barn? insanely rad.

  2. YES- fiance always pokes fun at me for wishing and going on about how we needed to figure out a way to have a BONFIRE with weiners and smores for our wedding... then our first venue (non-bonfire) fell through and our new venue has a FIRE PIT. YES!!! out of all the pretty-ness of ocean and beauty i am MOST excited about smores. And beer. and bonfire. and guitars.

    However, does the hotel have a fireplace?? (lol). with venue numero un, we were considering (cuz I really wanted that bonfire) finding a beach or area for rehearsal evening to have a gathering at. even a backyard with one of those covered firepits... :)


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