Friday, October 16, 2009

Non-Floral Invitation Inspiration

Raise your hand if your male partner loves flowers. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?)

That's what I thought.  I mean, my partner certainly appreciates them (I've surprised him with flowers on a few occasions) but he probably wouldn't put them on his list of design inspirations.  So if half(ish) of the population is less-than-inspired by flowers, then why the heck are there so many floral-motif wedding invitations?  Honestly, the frilly girly stuff drives me nuts, even when it's beautifully designed, because it's like announcing "she really wants you at HER special day. Come join us for flowers and her big white wedding!"

Okay, I'm being a bit harsh.  Floral-motif invitations aren't nearly as dire as the awful drag-him-down-the-aisle cake topper.  In fact, I like quite a few of them.  And they're great if you both love flowers.  But I'm also excited to see the wedding invitation world expanding from bows and ribbons into interesting design options that can fully incorporate hers and his' aesthetic sensibilities (or hers/hers, his'/his', or any partner combination in which there might be aesthetic disagreement). 

And I'm particularly excited when a couple moves beyond paper-and-envelope invitations and uses design to be entirely reflective of who they are as a couple:

click image to enlarge for full awesomeness

Agatha designed the invitation herself to look like a jiffy lube door hanger coupon.  It may not sound immediately romantic, but Agatha and John met while racing motorbikes together, so it had definite swoon-worthy overtones for the two of them. And it was the perfect invitation for a motorbike themed wedding taking place at Smog Shoppe, a converted smog check center that's now one of Los Angeles' most popular green (LEED certified) event locations. 

This invitation was only one of at least eighty things I love about their celebration.  Check back next week for more about Agatha and John's creative, independent-minded Los Angeles wedding.


  1. Haha--my partner actually does love flowers! Getting into gardening together does that. But I am with you about the general girliness of invitations. Love the ones you posted!

  2. Um, in my defense the groom really does like pink. It's also one of his favorite colors.
    But I agree. The bride and groom should be on the same page. Cool invites!

    So, I left you a shout-out on the blog. ;)

  3. LOVE IT! And I couldn't agree more with usual ;p


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