Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Luck (and Love) is in the Air

So what if I can't win a lotto scratcher ticket?  I just won the Boudoir Sass prize from the Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding in A Week contest, which is soooo much better than $25 or another chance-to-scratch-and-win!  Now I have free boudoir photography session from the amazing Hazelnut photography, and a variety of fun bridal accessories from Good Girls, Inc and Best Wedding Sites.

I'm still a little dazed (really?  I won a random-generated contest? How incredible is that?!) and I'm still wondering how comfortable I'm going to feel doing sexy poses in front of a camera, but I'm also giddy with excitement.  A boudouir shoot didn't remotely make my budget must-have list, but I really think it will be something special for both me and J.

I've never been particularly comfortable in my own skin.  I'm not very photogenic and (frustratingly) I'm still dealing with body-image issues after growing up overweight (and, to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out healthy eating, living and balance.)  So I'm looking forward to this shoot as an opportunity to get more comfortable in my own skin by pushing my boundaries in a safe environment.  I'm also hoping that Jordana's great eye and gorgeous photos will help show me the beauty in my uniqueness instead of spurring worries and facebook untaggings over my sudden double chin in late night snapshots. In all honesty, I'm not sure I could do a boudoiur shoot if it were just a gift for my partner - I understand the arguments from both the sex-positive and anti-pornography feminist views - so I'm really looking forward to this as an incredible chance for personal growth, with an added partnership benefit.  I'm hoping J will appreciate the digital and personal results from the photography shoot.:) 

As for the non-photo parts of the Sass Package, I'd honestly never considered outfitting myself in bridal pasties, tank tops or sandals.  However, now that I'm a lucky winner, I know I'll have fun with it all, either at home or out for a bachelorette evening.  (I'm convinced the tank top works for both ironic and unironic bridal purposes. And um, did you notice the other pasties options at Good Girls, Inc? Like the Don't Mess with Texas set? Given that J is from Texas, I wonder if I can request an exchange on the tuxedo pasties for the longhorn pasties? Hmm...) 

Regardless of the outcome, this is sure to be a completely fun prize. I would never have had this opportunity without the generosity of these vendors and without the tireless efforts of Dana at the Broke-Ass Bride for pulling all of this together.  I owe her, Hazelnut Photography, Good Girls Inc, and Best Wedding Sites a huge thank you!  


  1. congrats - it's so amazing how many contests are out there for the winning! i'm sure your photographer will make you look beautiful and it will be totally empowering for you. i would secretly love to do a boudoir shoot for my guy, as long as i could get the best of my nerves.

  2. This is rad on so many levels. Longhorn Pasties ftw! I think I'd like to do a boudoir shoot, just for myself someday. Is that weird?


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