Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

I'm anti-sexy Halloween costumes. I figure the holiday is about having outrageous fun, not competing in the least-clothes/least-creativity category. Instead of sexy cat or sexy gypsy I intentionally try for the least sexy, biggest attitude outfit possible.  However, as much as I love Halloween and the chance to be absurd, I am also a massive procrastinator. If you are anything like me, you may need some Cr*p-It's-Friday-Night-and-I-Don't-Have-a-Costume help. So, without further ado, here are some not-entirely-lame last minute throw-together ideas:
  • Tacky Tourist- Here's the thing: if you go as a tacky tourist, you have to OWN it. I wore this to a Downtown Loft party and I can assure you I was the LEAST sexy person there, but everyone wanted to take their photo with me (seriously.) Wear a hat (baseball cap, cowboy hat, whatever. I had a floral visor), khakis, flop flops or athletic shoes, sunglasses, a money belt on the OUTSIDE of your clothes (for the love of all things sensible, why are some tourists such morons?), carry a camera around your neck, and have a guidebook or map in your hand the entire night. Put TONS of blush on your nose and cheeks for a sunburn effect. I also wore the shirt emblazoned with "Czech me out" that I bought in Prague specifically for Halloween (something like "My parents went to Aruba and all I got was this stupid shirt" also works well). I kept asking loudly about the beer and complaining that this party wasn't as interesting as parties in my home country. 

  • Cubist Painting- dress in brown or beige, attach broken pieces of mandolins (or plastic guitars), scraps of newspaper, pieces of chair backs and other miscellany to your shirt (remember, cubists liked deconstructing the image, so don't go for whole items, just broken pieces). Draw some black lines at random on your shirt.  Walk around with a picture frame (or cardboard makeshift frame) around your neck.  

Georges Braques Painting
  • Mummy- Cover yourself in toilet paper. (Splurge for good toilet paper so it doesn't shred everywhere.) Yes, I know it sounds cliche and boring, but have you ever actually seen someone do it?  No?  Me neither.  You'll be the talk of the party, trust.

  • Grapes- It's cute when kids do it and even better when adults do it.  Attach purple balloons all over and voila! For extra fun, add some leaves to your hair.  If you go this route, be warned: you'll need help with the balloons.  And don't attempt to attach the backside balloons until you reach your destination (you can't drive with backside balloons).  Also, doors can be tricky, so plan to park yourself in one room for most of the night.  But, I can tell you from experience, it was a raging success. 

Me, making a sour grapes face.  Hahaha, I crack myself up.

As for this year?  It's our first time doing a couples costume and, in the vein of the costumes above, it would be lame except that we're planning on totally OWNING it and living in character for the next two nights.  We've got a party tonight and a Culver City pub crawl on Saturday.  So if you see a bunch of costumed fools wandering down Washington or Venice Blvds on Saturday night, feel free to wave and holla' and I'll make sure to wave and holla' back.

What are your plans this year for Halloween?  Have you put together your costume yet?


  1. tacky tourists is a great, easy idea. also really like the grapes!! hope you post photos of this year's costumes, too.

  2. Love the grapes costume!! so cute. i'm with you. i'm anti-sexy costumes as well. sometimes you're not even sure what the costume even is!! all you see is skin!

  3. Love It!!! Don't forget the fanny pack for the tacky tourists. We were thinking of being tetris and painting some boxes that fit together like tetris does. In the end we were to lazy though.

    PS. I left you a little something on my blog :)

  4. These are such awesome ideas! Living in Hong Kong, that tourist one would have been so perfect. Bummer I only read it now!


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