Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Just Got Mrs'ed

I was walking back to my car after happy hour drinks last night when I passed two men leaning against a wall.  So I braced myself for the stare and possible "hey baby" comment. Instead, I heard one guy say to the other "Don't bother man, she's married.  See the ring?"

I smiled, and didn't bother to correct him on the engaged/married front. It seems this bling thing is coming in handy after all.

Also, have you seen East Side Bride's recent ring posts?  I now want them all.  I have issues with coveting awesome things. Good thing my budget's limited, or I'd likely end up like this:

Buy any of these rings at Una, a little shop in Portland


  1. the only time i make sure my ring is made seen is when i see skeevy dudes i don't want to talk to. THE only time. i love that it worked for you in this situation ;) did you see the turquoise ring on esb the other day? it was so rad.

  2. Just another reason to love that ring!

  3. So funny! I can't wait til that hopefully happens to me one day :)

  4. You're lucky the ring worked! I've found that guys either don't pay attention to it, or don't care. I have a co-worker who even joked once that he likes girls with rings on their finger, 'cause it means there's no strings attached (as in he could have a 1 nighter with them). Guys!

  5. That is such a milestone! And a scary one, at that. Glad you handled it well :)


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