Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Workshops in Sustainable Living

I'm taking a moment out of our regularly-scheduled wedding talk to bring local readers info about free eco-living classes at one of my favorite organizations: Sustainable Works. We talk a lot about green weddings here in blogland, but I'm most excited about how weddings reflect our everyday commitments to eco-living and sustainability.  Hence this pitch for local brides and grooms to check out Sustainable Works' October Green Living Workshop series.  

Their mission is to "foster a culture of sustainability in cities, colleges and businesses" and the organization fulfills part of that commitment by offering a free six-week Green Living Workshop course focused on different aspects of a sustainable lifestyle.  The classes and workbook review six main topics (Water, Energy, Waste, Chemicals, Transportation, and Shopping & Food) from a global, national, local and personal perspective.  Taking any of the upcoming classes as a couple (or alone) is an excellent opportunity to think about how to craft a sustainable life with your partner.

Workshops run throughout the year at locations throughout Santa Monica, on evenings and (sometimes) weekends. They ask for a $25 donation (Santa Monica residents) or $50 (non-Santa Monica residents) to pay for class supplies (including eco goodies for your home) and the coursebook (residents pay less because they pay more in taxes that support the city-funded organization). Find out about the three October course options here.

I've worked with Sustainable Works to certify my office as a Santa Monica Green Business and I've also taken one of their residential greening seminars, so I can personally vouch for their incredible staff and worthwhile educational experiences.  I work in the alternative fuel sector and I'm innundated with eco-living information on a regular basis, and even I walked away with a ton of new information and perspective.  So I highly recommend checking out one of their October seminars as a great, inexpensive way to think about starting off life together on solid green footing.

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