Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eco-Logical Art Gallery (Weekend Fun and Venue Option)

One aspect of this city that I love is the thriving art gallery scene.  Yeah, we have some world class contemporary art museums and some decent antiquities, but something about the diffuse, eclectic, and (at times) terrifyingly lonely nature of this crazy place breeds incredible creative energy.  Another aspect of this city that I love is the urban renewal and community-centered development that seems to be gaining traction in the public consciousness and in mainstream political discussions.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to experience both at a forward-thinking, accessible-yet-edgy, art gallery event in our local neighborhood, the Pico Corridor. (The LA Times' neighborhood mapping project lumps us into Mid-Wilshire and Mid-City, but Metromix started to get the real neighborhood right when it highlighted some of the great restaurants in walking distance of my house.) The Pico Corridor is a clear beneficiary of urban and artistic neighborhood-based revitalization, and the local Eco-LogicalART gallery capitalizes on that energy while also helping to further the local scene.

The event on Saturday was part of Eco-Logical's Second Saturday series, which unveils new recycled vinyl billboard art and has live eco-art demonstrations (I saw metalwork and jewelry making), a general gallery show of local and ecologically minded artists, music, libations, functional art sale (we got a clock) and the Kogi BBQ taco truck

Peter Schulberg, the gallery's founder, came up with the idea to develop a fine art line featuring original art painted on recycled billboard vinyl. It turns out that billboards are tossed into landfills by the ton weekly and that heavy vinyl covered in thick impregnable ink is an environmental nightmare. So Eco-logical takes the indestructible nature of the advertising vinyl and turns it into an asset. Schulberg has distributed the vinyl for use by local artists on smaller stretched canvasses and then displays their work on the outside walls of his gallery. (Since it’s repurposed from billboards, the art is ideal for use in outside spaces).  The gallery itself features a mix of fine art (canvasses and sculpture) and functional art from repurposed materials. Eco-logicalART also supports LAUSD classes and other youth enrichment workshops and is currently working on the GIMME SHELTER ART! art and eco education project in which kids will repurpose the billboards for donated bus shelter installations around Los Angeles.

Oh yeah, and the art was pretty great too.  It makes me warm and fuzzy when the mission AND the actual outcome are so inspiring. 

So why mention Eco-LogicalArt on a Los Angeles wedding blog?  Well, I can think of several tie-ins:
  • Put it on your "great stuff around town" directory for out-of-towners
  • Rent it out for your rehearsal dinner
  • Rent it out for your wedding 
I spoke with Schulberg about his gallery vision and and his uses for the space, and asked if it was available to rent. His paraphrased response: "Of course.  It would work best for a cocktail event and we'd need to leave the art up, but sure.  I guess it would run about $700?"

In other words it has reasonable and negotiable prices, it's already decorated, it's centrally located, it's a community arts and eco-friendly non-profit, and it would be petty much ideal as a cocktail or adult reception event space.  Also, Peter said there's a larger gallery space that's connected to his, which might work for a sit-down reception.  Oh, and after you and your friends drink too much at the cocktail (or dinner) reception, you could head down the street to Roscoe's for some late night chicken and waffles.  Yes please.
  • Upcoming "Second Saturday at Eco-LA" billboard premieres: November 14, December 12, and January 9.  New billboard unveiling at 7pm, event through 10pm
  • General gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11am-6pm and by appointment
  • Location: 4829 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019 (2 blocks East of La Brea)
  • Contact: 310-525-0676
  • Website:


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  1. this looks amazing! i definitely need to discover more of the pico corridor. there's this cuban restaurant that mike keeps telling me we have to try.


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