Friday, September 18, 2009

Sneak Peek: Dress Shopping

I should know better.  I've fallen in love with a dress before we even have a venue.  Not only is the cart coming before the horse, but every sensible bone in my body says NO!  To quote the wise words East Side Bride, who has walked this road before me:
"Here is a big piece of advice for everyone: don't buy your dress until you book the venue. I don't care how on sale it is. Or how much you think you know what you want. Vegas country club doesn't work in the forest. Feathery flapper will look ridiculous in a chapel. I would love to see you wear a ball gown to city hall, though. (Vintage suit for a city hall wedding? Yawn.)"
Since she ended up a guilty two-dress bride, I should probably trust her on this one.  But I'm not.  Instead, I'm willfully singling la-la-la with my fingers in my ears because this weekend I'm going to try on this modern, white, non-poofy dress with an interesting silhouette and flattering cut. Even though I'm not tied to the white wedding dress idea, this is definitely a white dress I can get behind and a price I can find a way to afford. And because it's a designer sample, there's only one, so it's a use-it-or-lose-it situation.

Watters Style 5034b

Part of me really hopes I don't like it on, just so I can put the silliness aside.  I've been doubting myself ever since I called the store to set an appointment.  What happened to my desire to support independent designers?  To wear a re-wearable or pre-loved dress?  To eschew the strapless phenomenon?  To wear something fun and not just weddingy?  To wear something that doesn't need a bustle?

What happened is I saw a designer dress that made me gasp out loud at a price I can manage without giving myself an aneyurism. I can be weddingy but I can also be me in this dress, and that seems to be a hard line to walk here in brideland. 

Oh, and for all those of you worried about whether J sees a photo of the dress or not, we've already discussed it and he's already seen the photos.  I promised not to show him any photos of me in the dress, all dolled up, but besides that, whatever.  It's a dress, not a make-or-break-moment-on-which-the-rest-of-our-marriage-hinges.  Sheesh. 


  1. Totally off topic (although I do love the dress and think it would suit many different settings!), but I just mistakenly deleted the very thoughtful comment you just posted on my blog! I'm sorry--I even went and signed up for the 10Q thing, which seemed really cool! Total stupid brainfart on my part. It was an awesome comment nonetheless. :)

  2. Gorgeous! I'm finding myself really attracted to the Watters stuff too, alas, no uber-affordable sample sales here in the middle of the continent, so I'll just be hoping to get lucky at the first place I look (J. Crew). Helps that I have a venue, 'cause I can sort of plan to match, but hell, there's nothing quite as exhilerating as throwing caution to the wind and seeing what the Universe throws back. Go to it!

  3. Thanks. I'm having a minor panic attack about spending so much on a dress (even if it is on massive discount) since my previous max was, oh, around $150. If it looks/feels right, it will be the first wedding-related purchase I make, which is causing all sorts of budget-related panic. Which is making me doubt my love for the dress. Bah.

  4. Ahhhhh the pressure. It's lovely! You'll know if it's worth it once you try it on and twirl around a bit. Good luck with the appointment!


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