Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silent Movie Theater

Los Angeles, you are trying to defeat me, but I refuse to let you.  Every time I find a venue that seems perfect, it turns out that it's only perfect if you have a spare $5,000-$10,000 lying around (and that's just to rent an empty room/field/space).  I am stubbornly convinced that if I only google a little bit more, with a different combination of words, or find yet another wedding venue list, that I will finally find that beautiful/convenient/bring your own caterer/byob/no noise restriction/ceremony+reception/inexpensive perfect-for-us location.

I'm at the point where I'm revisiting search options that I know won't work, like when you get up to look in the refrigerator again, even when nothing was appealing five minutes ago. And so, I returned again to The Knot, even when nothing was appealing to me five months ago. Just in case, I searched through their real Southern California wedding profiles to see if they profiled any creative budget weddings that could give me a lead.  Sigh.  Since I'm not in the market for a members-only beach club wedding or a $15,000 Downtown Los Angeles location (though the Disney Concert Hall would have been a spectacular setting, I'm sure), about 99% of the profiles were not remotely relevant to my needs.

However, persistence has its benefits and without this visit to the Knot I might have missed the spectacular idea of getting married at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax.

 Photo via The Knot

No, I have no pricing information whatsoever, but it sure sounds like a spectacular idea for a movie-geek or musical theater couple (of which, ahem, there might be a few in Los Angeles.)  This restored art deco theater is really a piece of Los Angeles history, and has a great set-up for a unique party.  There's a stage in front (for ceremonies, speeches, performances, movie screenings, slideshows, whatever), a cappuccino lounge upstairs, and a Spanish patio in back that would be perfect for a smaller reception of about 100.


I have conflicting dreams of either getting married barefoot at the beach or at a late night Downtown loft party, so Vintage Hollywood Glam doesn't fit with either of those ideas and I won't even bother to research costs and venue restrictions.  I'll just be happy that off-the-beaten track options can still surprise me at this point in the venue search and hope that my mad googling helps out another couple in need. 

This also reminds me - I last went to the Silent Movie Theater for cult-classic Christmas movies, so it might be time to see what's on the program again (silent films, occult, Muppet movies, cult classic, forgotten Hollywood) and head over for a date night.


  1. dude, i feel ya on the venue thing. la is a bitch when it comes to finding affordable, unique places. i thought of a few that might interest you (just google the names, i'm sure they'll come up):
    huron substation (lofty type place in downtown), hanger 1018 (gallery downtown), brunswick studio (loft downtown), miauhaus (studio space located mid-wilshire), 8443 Warner (studio in culver city)KGB Studio (gallery downtown). All these places are around $3000 to rent. And I believe most will let you bring in your own booze and food. hope this helps!

  2. Despite your specific vision, I think a wedding at a silent movie theatre sounds really cool. I was thinking part library part garden, and wound up with an antique warehouse. You never know what can surprise you, and what you might like if you check it out. And if you can afford it.

  3. Hey, I was also looking into the Silent Movie Theater and in my search for pricing stumbled upon your blog. I was wondering, did you end up finding a venue?

  4. @Anon- we did find a venue but, because we can't sign a contract yet, we haven't announced it on the blog. If you have any LA-specific questions, email me, since I have a ton of local venue information.

  5. I've been looking since November and come across various types of venues but most of which require a rental fee + use of their exclusive (or sometimes, preferred) vendor. So, I guess my question is, have you happened upon any venues that have a decent rental fee that will allow you to bring your own caterering? I've emailed Huron, and while it is considerably cheaper than Marvimon or the SmogShoppe - mostly because we can bring our own caterers - I'm curious as to what I haven't stumbled upon or just don't know about :/! any information would be great!

  6. I have half-researched posts on venue options that aren't ready to publish. But in the meantime, please email me directly at alosangeleslove at gmail dot come and I can definitely point you towards options that might work for your needs.


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