Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New York Fashion Week Style Musings

All I can say is, this is how wedding dress pick-ups should look

Now, I'm not a ballgown girl at all - if the words "princess" or "cupcake" can be used to describe a dress, it's simply not my style, which trends more towards clean, modern, and wearable-for-dancing.  But Christian Siriano's Spring 2010 collection is making me fall momentarily in love with the ballgown, particularly because I harbor secret dreams of wearing a colored wedding dress.

Of course, trying to wear any these dresses in public would probably induce a self-conscious panic attack.  But the colorful glory would be completely worth it, since I absolutely love bold, wearable art-dresses.  But, however much I love rich color tones and a dramatic use of fabric and shape, you're more liable to find me actually wearing something like this (or more precisely, the H&M knockoff version of this):

In my defense, it's a lovely coat.  Gorgeous and perfect even, except for the consistent dry-cleaning likely required by such snowy-white loveliness.  And I spend far too much time at a button-down office job and far too little at sophisticated events to bother thinking about my long-dress fashion sensibilities.  So, although stylish Michelle-Obama/D.C.-approved Jason Wu has that classic-but-fun style I like on an everyday basis, I'm still trying to decide if I wouldn't like a bit more rockstar in my wedding dress.  Or if white, simple, sleek and modern feels just a bit more me and a lot less panic-attack inducing.  So I'm working on feeling out my response to these wedding dress style questions as I peruse the new Spring collections, vaguely wishing I had about $10,000 to blow on couture playthings.

And then I smile, because if I had $10,000 to blow, I'd clearly be running off on an international adventure in my jeans and flip flops, leaving the makeup bag behind because it wouldn't fit in my backpack.  Because that's how I really roll.  So I may need some flip flops at the wedding, just to remind me again of who I really am under all that fun bridal costuming.

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