Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fun: Cupcakes

I feel like most people who spend time on the internet have discovered the joy of Cake Wrecks (and if not, please go check it out NOW.)  However, since cupcakes aren't the same thing at all (they're much more frostingy, for starters) they certainly deserve websites worth and respectful of their own unique deliciousness and style.

Enter Cupcakestakethecake.

Photo from My Artisan Cake Company's Flickr, via Cupcakes Take the Cake

The site is primarily an homage to all-things-cupcake, and not a blog-of-horrors a-la-cakewrecks.  This homage includes an extensive list of recipes (use the search box) and a very handy list of cupcake shops/vendors.  There's a heavy NYC-focus, with a ton of other U.S. and international cities also thrown in, including Los Angeles.  (And yes, it does warm my subversive feminist heart that Rachel Kramer Bussel co-runs a site devoted to cupcakes and their deliciousness.)

To all those brides who are wondering if cupcakes are passe at weddings, I can emphatically say NO. They are delicious, come in multiple flavors and designs for picky guests (and ahem, brides who can't decide amongst various cake choices), and require no cake-cutting fees or extra rentals of utensils or plates.  (Since when did tasty cost-saving wedding dessert options become a "played out" trend?  Because if you don't want your cupcake, I'd be happy to take it off your hands...) 

Also, happy sea creatures made out of non-fondant frosting.  Yes please.

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  1. Seriously, how can yummy handsize cake in cute wrappers be over? Are people insane? ;)


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