Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fingers Crossed for Wedding Contest Opportunities

I've never won a contest.  I've never even won anything for a lotto scratcher ticket.  But ohmyfreakingoodness I want to win something this week over at the Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding In a Week Giveaway Extravaganza. Dana put together an amazing array of opportunities to win over $11,000 in wedding-related prizes, with giveaways happening once, twice and up to three times a day during from September 28 - October 5.  

J and I are definitely entering for any Next Exit Photography packages, Hazelnut Photography packages, custom map design from Pantomime Papers, EcoUsable water bottles, and skincare options.  Okay, the skincare is for me, but the rest would be more than awesome for our wedding.  I have a permanent photography crush on Next Exit, I love all the recent Hazelnut photography shoots I've seen (Smog Shoppe, The Hotel Figueroa, ahhhh), I don't need favors but environmental policy is my career and I would love a set of EcoUsable water bottles for gifts or favors (I regularly use one myself and love it), and I've been obsessed with maps for as long as I can remember.  In fact, our first joint art purchase was a stylized map of Los Angeles' neighborhoods from Ork Posters, so I would lovelovelove a personal map design from Pantomime Papers for our wedding weekend festivities. 

I'm hoping the luck from my girl Britt over at the Bowie Bride is catching, and we can win ourselves some free photography too.  She and her fiancee are on a hot winning streak, having just won an incredible photo package from Nicole Polk, save the date postcards from the Digital Room, and a whole suite of bridal accessories compiled by Southern Weddings.  She proves that winning is very possible, and I will be following her example and entering every contest opportunity we find that fits our needs.

My fingers are crossed.  See you over at the Broke-Ass Bride this week!


  1. That map is RAD. In my favorite color, no less...

  2. My honey and I have one of Chicago hanging in our office. I love it. Good luck to you, girl!

  3. thanks for the shout, lady! hope you win big! and that LA poster is so fly i can't handle it


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