Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date Night: Grand Performances

Sniff.  Summertime is coming to an end, and with it comes the end of all the incredible free concert opportunities in the Los Angeles area. This Sunday night is the season closer for our favorite free performance series: Grand Performances. Haven't heard of it?  Here's a rundown of the reasons you should go (or bookmark it for next year):

  • Striking urban setting in Downtown LA's California Plaza Water Court?  Check
  • BYOB and picnic blanket?  Check
  • Public transit accessible via Pershing Square?  Check
  • A public concert series that strives to reflect the various cultures of this city without resorting to "world music" and actually achieves its goal?  Check
  • A showcase for top international bands, dancing and performers?  Check
  • Spontaneous dancing and general revelry in the amphitheater area? Check
  • FREE?  Check

So this is where I'll be with J on Sunday night at 7:00pm for the Viva Mexico Concert, featuring Kinky and Omar Torres.  Grand Performances introduced me to to Kinky's Mexican electronica two years ago during a stifling heat-wave and the evening was a complete and utter blast.  I've never heard of Omar Torres, but the crowd energy is sure to carry the night anyhow. (Because it always does.) 

To any Angelino brides or grooms getting married during the summertime who need "fun activities" for your guests, I'd highly recommend pointing them in the direction of Grand Performances (there's generally a mix of Friday, Saturday and Sunday concerts.) And for the adventurous, casual, budget-minded bride and groom, Grand Preformances are definitely an excellent option for a unique reherasal dinner/welcome picnic activity.  Or heck, it might be a great party spot after a Friday afternoon courthouse wedding.  The possibilities for fun are endless.  Now go forth, and enjoy.

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  1. as an angelino, i'm supremely embarrassed i was unaware of this insanely awesome concert series. i am so there this sunday. thanks for the heads up!


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